End of the Bee and into the Phoenix (Nisemonogatari Episode 7 Review)

Hello people. It’s me again. Why? You might ask. Well… Free’s said he was lazy to do it plus we have tests tomorrow so he kinda ditched you guys. Nah, he’s just (quote) “Too lazy” to do it so I am back here again. Not bad seeing that I get to round up the rest of this arc.

This can become a thing, put the most fanservicy pic as the first one.

What is with Nisem and their blatant fanservice? I mean did they really have to do that?

This picture just gives me goosebumps...

Main summary of this episode. Karen does not want to let Araragi settle things for her, so she fights. After a talk in between the fight, Karen accepts her bro’s help and then Araragi brings her home and goes with Senjougahara to talk with Kaiki and he agrees to leave the town after another long talk. Yay!

Girl, did you expected to kill our brother?

Wow I’m getting good at these really short summaries. (Blatant Self Praise) What I have to say about this episode. The talks are interesting as usual, there’s a bit of funny action from the fight scene and we get fanservice. Yup. Exactly what we love about Bakemonogatari. We get to see how the kind of love-hate-love relationship Araragi has with his sisters. I mean, you do not really use a move that would kill people on your brother who just saved your life right?

Isn't that a reward not a punishment?

But in the end, a mix of love/respect/emotions and Karen finally gets it. That part was sweet to me. We all get lectures from people who are more senior then us and most of the time we do not get it. The same happens here. We struggle against it but it did not work. Then, your senior gives you a propler touching talk that makes you learn to fight for different reasons. Come on, it has happened to you at least once in your life right? Or is that just a cliché and overused story theme?

This, boys and girls, is INCEST!

Karen and Tsukihi both want to prove that they are good enough and even better than their brothers, which could be the way they act. Our Sis/Lolicon Araragi proves himself and gets a hug from his sister saying how much she loves him and a chance to stroke Shinobu’s DFC (Delicious Flat Chest) In a way, I’m really envious of him.

Sometimes imagining punching him is great stress relief.

Then the talk with Kaiki. Well, what do you know, he is an imposter and a asshole one at that. We all saw that coming and we still hate him, don’t we? The way he thinks is just weird and I dun get what warped childhood one can have to end up that way. Everyone lies? Money is the most important? Its people like you who make the best politicians. Wow did I really say that out loud? Robbing from the weak so that you can be comfortable?


During most of the talk, I was thinking, “Araragi, call Shinobu and pound that guy’s arse!” That would be the quickest way to solve the problem right?? Another interesting thing I noticed. The crows in the whole talk obviously symbolise Kaiki, and seeing that after Kaiki left there was a crow feather left behind. I am sure he will be back for  the next cour, Tsukihi Phoenix.


The ending, sweet. Any siscon/moecon/lolicon/straight guy will be staring at it happy. I mean two cute girls greeting you in the morning? That is probably the sweetest thing to experience in the morning. I mean it is not just ONE girl, but TWO. TWO will just blow your mind and fill your blood with sugar. Another interesting thing. The Fire Sisters are Karen “Fire Wreathe Bee” and Tsukihi “Phoenix”. Both are creatures related to fire. (You don’t say?)

FA YUH!!! (Read it slowly)

I say I enjoyed this arc tremendously, it certainly relives my Bakemonogatari moments and the conversations let me reflect a lot on real life, so applause to the script writers, I enjoyed every moment of it. So in terms of enjoyment, I will give it a 9.5/10. The missing full score is that I felt the problem was settled too simply and not my kind of thing. But still, love it so overall 10/10- it’s a mix between fanboyness and how much I enjoyed the show.

Invade the anime world, Tehepero!

So did you enjoy it? Dislike it because of the art? Let me know. I wanna know ALL about you. *Creepy Smile* Until then, enjoy some moe. Oh yeah, if you watch the ED, you get to see another “tehepero” cameo. Clue, look at Tsukihi’s face. Cannot wait for Tsukihi to shine like a phoenix =D (bad puns, I have them)

A picture I took from Cyborg's collection. Ironically, this symbolises how screwed I am for Chemistry


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  1. Yes, you indeed are screwed for the Chem exam

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