Yanderes and Chains (Black Rock Shooter Episodic: Episode 4)


Well, this episode sure had lots of little surprises and development. Great fun to watch and my brain is still pondering how its all going to conclude in the end.

The episode starts with us finally being able to see Strength as she drags Chariot’s decapitated body to a great pit before tossing it in. All around, we see Black Gold Saw’s eye observing Strength as she does this. Sadly, that’s the only time we see Strength this episode and she didn’t even do much. At least her character design is good too.

That's a nice head. If you get what I mean

Black Gold Saw can seeeee you!!!

Kagari then enrolls back into school where she meets with the class’s approval due to her looks and her tsundere attitude. In no time, she’s already interacting well with the rest of her classmates, much to Yomi’s surprise. Yomi, who is already feeling left out due to Mato and Yuu going along well now feels even more abandoned by Kagari’s popularity. We also get to see more hints that Saya might be Black Gold Saw and what she intends to do when she attempts to make Yomi feel even worse by telling her no one needs her. The whole process of Yomi going into self-depreciation is depicted in the “other” realm when Dead Master is wrapping herself in a cone of chains whilst Black Gold Saw looks on (Of course she doesn’t help her at all).

the new Kagari is quite cute :3

Yomi pouring her heart out annnnd...

BLAM, surprise butt sex face.

Black Gold Saw's evil plans. *rubs hands manically*

We also get to see another interesting aspect of the show that could involve Saya and Black Gold Saw. Kohachi returns to school after she collapses from her sprained knee and carries out her duties as the basketball team’s coach as per normal. However, when she is called out by the guy she confessed too, she recalls no memories of ever meeting him. It seems she either has amnesia but I have this weird theory that Black Gold Saw is controlling her.

Worst rejection ever - Amnesia. Also, hnnnngh

Next, we see more of Yomi’s downwards spiral when she gets upset that Kagari went to school without her; with Mato’s aid. Yomi then get scolded by Kagari’s new friends for being too possessive over Kagari. On the other hand, Kagari wants to make up with Yomi and asks Mato for advice on what to give to her as a gift. Yuu also talks to Mato as they have all noticed Yomi becoming more introverted recently and she asks for Yomi’s number as she also wants to be friends with Yomi.

Yuri Goggles MAXXXX

However, Yomi is now convinced that no one needs her and that her existence is not required on earth. She had told Kagari’s friends (more of a ylled it) that she was happy that Kagari got along so well with the class but that (of course) only made her more depressed. Some teen angst stuff~!!! She refuses to see Kagari and skips classes to mope at home. However, everyone else is still trying to reach out to her. When all see dark and bleak, she suddenly gets a mail. Thinking its from Mato, the one she thinks would definitely help her since she promised to be friends to be Yomi no matter what, she grabs it, only so see it’s Yuu who mailed her. Hence, she flips the sh*t out and smacks her phone to death with her pillow.

she's rather hnnngh but with a cruel side

Failing a subject you studied hard for brings about the same reaction

Slightly looney

Just as she does that though, Kagari shows up at her door step. Yomi is exhilarated as thinks that Kagari would also be one that would also stick by her as they had been friends for so long. However, Kagari only tells Yomi that she feels sorry for her as she can’t let go of her as well as thanking Yomi for helping her in the past. So Yomi’s mind snaps and in the “other” realm, Dead Master destroys the Cone-o-Chains and emerges with her trademark Skull servants and an army or helmeted men to face with Black Rock Shooter. Let the battle begin eh. It’s just like the OVA again with Dead Master VS Black Rock Shooter.


now, she went full crazy

Dead Master flipped a table

awwww yeah, an army

I still love her design.

I’m still curious to really find out Black Gold Saw’s hand in this whole matter in both worlds. It seems that Saya is controlling the events in both worlds to cause the “other” personalities to fight in both worlds as well. We have yet to see Yuu’s part in this as well but it’s no doubt she’ll become a major character soon. It seems that Black Rock Shooter is also trying to stop Black Gold Saw from doing what she has planned in both worlds. But for now, we have Yandere gone crazy Yomi/Dead Master, a cruel Kagari and a plot that is just itching to be told. Good stuff. I’ve also heard some say that Black Rock Shooter hasn’t lived up to their expectations but for me, happily Black Rock Shooter has met mine so far.


More hnnngh



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