The Forever Alone High School Boys (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Episode 8)

Wow this post is really late. I planned to do both episodics today, but since episode 8 is not subbed yet for reasons I do not know so I will just do episode 7 first.

This is the most fanservicy picture I could find. orz

Apparently these guys are going to be in their second year of high school for the rest of their lives. Pity the same thing will not happen for a certain music anime with a band and moe girls. But if you think about it for a while. It’s a great thing. Second year means a relaxing time with no pressure from your University Entrance exams. That’s one hell of a good life.

High School Boys and Gags

With stupid boys come stupid gags. These guys take the top with their stupidity. Both Yoshitake and Tadakuni failed epically. But Hidenori takes the top with how badly you can freak your friends out. If a guy can use his fifth appendage to unzip his pants, he is truly a force to be reckoned with. The things he would be able to do with it will surely impress girls. (It’s a great party trick =D)

Imagine the things you can do with that!

High School Boys and Indoor Adventures

Bored boys transform to stupid boys. Maybe stupid is too harsh, let’s say goofy. The entire scene mostly serves how Hidernori and Yoshitake both love messing with Tadakuni. I mean in your group of pals there has to be a guy you mess with. In our really small group that guy is Free. Interestingly the hierarchy goes like this. Cyborg>Sleepy>Free   Free is definitely the strongest one in terms of strength and all… but he’s M.

Watching anime is so much safer.

Though I have to admit it seems fun to be able to fool around like that. I mean you haven’t role played since you were young and you definitely remember how fun it was. People will find you stupid, but you still had hell lots of fun.

High School Boys and Older Brother

For the male readers, you know that there is that older brother figure you have (or your older brother). Turns out that all the weird habits you picked up were from them. It is like a bro-code thing. Once you reach a certain age you become like a Senpai and ruin the lives of the younger generation.  The cycle repeats to ensure that all teenage boys will behave goofily (stupidly).

Hentai Oni-chan

High School Boys and As We Are

Literature Girl is back and so is Hikasa Youko’s voice. Girls sure are funny, I do not know if her actions are either really cute, funny or really freaky. You know that part, when the Literature Girl goes flying and “Ehh Ehh!” is just soooo cute. I have to keep replaying that one. Other than that, I have to congratulate Hidenori for getting so “close” to a girl.

This is either moe or freaky

High School Boys and Careers

The classic situation. When the teacher gets so pissed that everything that the class does is wrong. Or is it just female teachers. Oh well, when that happens it is a good thing to hide. But I guess teachers enjoy the stupid stuff guys do. Right? Right?


High School Boys and Mitsuo

Guys can be cruel sometimes. It there is this guy that majority of people do not like, they will be given more or less hell. How do I know? Cause I’m that guy most of the time. Another note, when you start talking about the past with friends, something stupid or embarassing you did will suddenly pop out. It’s something really awkward. All you past acts being revealed. OTL

Poor dude, me know how you feel

High School Girl Power

Seem likes this episode proves that to appear feminine, you have to play dumb. With great girl power comes with great stupidity. So if a girl seems really dumb, she might just be trying to impress you or something.

You don't say?

Nice episode and great comedy as usual. So far it’s been interesting and I like it. So as soon as episode 8 comes out, I will review it soon. If you like it, please comment your thoughts. Peace out!

Off to Britain... I wanna go there too


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