Craziness of Being a High School Student (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Episode 8 Review)

So the show has aired it already. Sorry for posting this a little bit late but a mixture of school, laziness and tiredness delayed this post a lot. Anyway, seeing that I still have several posts that I owe you, I better get on with it.

Yes folks, this is the most fanservicy pic in the entire episode

This episode once again just simply shows how “forever alone” these boys are. I mean, it is bad enough to see it happening to yourself on a daily basis, they have to make a show that emphasizes so much on it. It’s hard to be a highs school boy.

High School Boys and Motoharu’s Sister

Sisters, I never had those so I have no idea what kind of relationships people have with theirs. It seems like that poor dude has to talk to his sister about her relationships and what makes her go “Zukyun!” But turns out you don’t need a cute guy to make you go “Zukyun!”, a cute dog is all you need.

I don't go "Zukyon!", I go "AFJHSOIFO"

High School Boys and Mitsuo’s Worries

Once again we see the bro code in action. When you see a bro down in the dumps, you do not leave him behind. You be there for him until he needs you, when he does need you, you smack him in the face for getting emo over something so stupid. Then comes another thing. What would  you do if your parents found your porn? That would be something for you to mope about for 4 hours or so.

Bros being there for each other. *Sniff*

High School Boys and Manga

Every single boy will have a dream. Sometimes your friends are there to crush those if they are not unrealistic, that or they pretend to crush your dreams so that you will fight even harder for them. That, is called a true friend. Question time. Seeing that most people here will watch anime, have you ever wished to be part of an anime? To be fighting for your lives etc, cause I really want to =D

This show makes even serious things stupid...

High School Boys and Balconies

This part just shows how unrealistic this show is sometimes. I mean, it is possible to jump a 5m gap if you wanted to, but doing so just because you’re jealous of a friend who managed to have a Romeo and Juliet moment is just really stupid of you. And as a result, he got rejected. Who did not see that coming?

I think that kinda says that she dumped him.

High School Boys and Convenience Stores

Seeing a fellow teenager having problems with their jobs is something kinda painful to watch. I mean when you see them make a mistake you try to help them but you do not want to hurt his pride or cause him to panic. So sometimes you keep quiet and watch. Other time you think too much and screw your mind over.

Mind Screwed

High School Boys and Towers

This at least happens to you once. Something you own get stuck on the tree. The method they use have to be the most unconventional method. That girl has to be the strongest girl I ever seen, I mean those are two teenage boys who way more than a 100kg at least. At the end, the fail, was just too epic. Did it not occur to them that there might be other ways to get the bag? Like throwing stuff other than your school bag?

You think too much bro!

High School Boys and Cakes

When a good friend of yours has their birthday coming up, you can do two things. Make it their best birthday ever or make it the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to them. I see they went with the former, what nice friends. We should do that for Cyborg’s birthday.

When facepalms are too generic, you face-cake

High School Boys and Horoscopes

Most guys do not belief in horoscopes and would read it just for fun. But sometimes fate is a b*tch and shows you how bad life can get. The whole “indirect kiss” part I did not notice at all, I just thought they did something really awkward. Turns out they nearly lost their first kiss to each other. That sucks. Couldn’t he just smack it with his hand? It seems more effective than sharing an indirect kiss with your friend.

Fujoshis rejoice, I think.

High School Boys and 100

The title makes no sense. But the topic this part is about is something every single non-squeamish person will know about. You see a dangerous pest in your house and you do all sorts of crazy thing to get rid of it. It’s supah fun and the thrill you get is too “Uwaahh”. But my only question is, why censor the centipede. Is it that disgusting or something?

That's what she said.


Wow, girls really are competitive. Or just some really annoying ones. Do you really need to prove that you have to be better than someone else? These High School Girls have achieved a place on my list of annoying characters. Oh well the best way to burn a person is exactly what Nago did.



Wow, (again) these girls really do weird stuff. Walking around with your skirts so high that your pantsu can be seen. They broke the forth wall too. Expecting punchlines is a skills characters need. Imagine reaching home and seeing your sister and her friends walking around with their pantsu exposed, would you really laugh it of?

This is so far the nicest looking girl in the entire show. ^^;

Funny episode as usual, I do not really have that many thoughts about it. Just that it knows how to make me laugh until my stomach hurts. Until then, moe picture!

Me... Sleeeeeepy...


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