A new challenger has arrived – Nisemonogatari Episode 9 Review

This episode picks off right where the last left off. After avoiding Tsukihi’s punishment, Araragi arranges a meet with Kanbaru for Karen and as usual, Kanbaru is naked in her house.

The show just read my mind

I’m a little disappointed because I wanted to see the interaction between Kanbaru and Karen, they seem like they would get along very well but I guess we’ll have to wait till the next episode to see it. I realize that the content is really dragged out throughout Nisemonogatari.

Every episode feels like a fragment of a complete episode, especially in the case of the previous episode. Back in Karen Bee, I had no idea what happened to Karen for the first 3 episodes. And now, Tsukihi’s screen time in her own arc is minuscule. Its not a bad thing to pace content but I feel like some of the banter is completely unnecessary.

When Araragi broke the 4th wall and started addressing the viewers about how he wouldn’t sexually harass Hachikuji, I knew it was going to happen. And since he’s back to sexual harassment, Hachikuji is back to mispronouncing his name.

Yes we did. And you didn't disappoint

I can’t help but notice the hints that Araragi likes Hanekawa more than in Bakemonogatari. There are many references in previous episodes about her having a nice body and in this episode he gets excited about being able to jsut call her. I’m hoping for a situation where Senjougahara catches him in the act of drooling over Hanekawa but there’s not much time left for that.

Death by stationery awaits

Two new characters, whom I assume are the antagonists of Tsukihi Phoenix, were introduced. The show makes it clear that these two are no pushovers and have knowledge of Araragi, Karen and Hachikuji’s spiritual relations and possibly know about the other’s. They asked about Oshino’s previous residence and mentioned “establishing a base of operations” which doesn’t sound good.

Yozuru Kagenui looks like the leader of the duo and gives the impression that she is arrogant and cruel. I wonder how much a person must train before their fists are “perfectly shaped for punching people”

She's staring into your soul

Yotsugi Ononoki looks very strange; more creepy than evil. But she was able to see Hachikuji and she’s associated with Yozuru so she probably has a fearsome ability.

The new face of evil

The episode ended very abruptly but revealed just enough to raise some questions. What are these two after and why do they know about the character’s spiritual traits?

With 2 episodes left, I can only imagine that they start making trouble in the next and get confronted in the final episode. Since Tsukihi had so little airtime in the previous episodes, the next two will probably give her a lot of focus.

More of her in this pic than the entire episode

I’m hoping that they squeeze in Senjogahara somewhere. Not only because she’s my favorite character but also because she has gotten over her trust issues and I really want to see her change in behavior.

Thanks for reading till the end, if you wanna say anything, just drop a comment!


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  1. I look forward to what will be done by Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki. Like you said, they looks evil. In fact, she can see “Snail Girl”. HEEHHHH…

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