The Power of Cute Compels You! (Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 7 & 8 Review)

Time for a double episode review special for PapaKiki. As soon as I’m done with these, I will be finally back on schedule. Yay! Now you may be wondering about the title of this post, it has great meaning to episode 8 and is a K-ON dub reference.

If you did not know, this is a reference to the PV of the OP "Happy Girl" by KitaEri (Miu)

Seeing that episode 7 and 8 are both linked, it does not hurt to put them together, after all this means double the cuteness.

On second thought, I should not have chose this pic

Episode 7 is about Soka-senpai making use of Yuuta’s weakness to shrine maidens and using Raika to get Yuuta to let them have dinner at his house. In other words, he’s a lolicon and wants the oppurtunity to rape them when Yuuta is not noticing.

For all you Raika fans

Episode 8 is the continuation of when the landlady wanted to evict Yuuta for having too many people living in his house and how everyone started looking for a place to leave. In the end, with a little bit of magic/moe, Yuuta is allowed to stay in his present apartment with the girls.

Not that kind of magic

What do I have to say for these 2 episodes? So many, many things. But I will try to keep it short. Hopefully. Episode 7’s main focus is the whole visiting of Yuuta’s house and the reaction between the nieces and the friends. Sako-senpai goes into full lolicon mode as expected, I mean, calling Sora-sama a grandma? That guy has issues!

Hit him good, Raika!

We also know the “weird” part of Raika. Turns out she cannot withstand the power of cuteness and ends up going gaga over Sora, who at first views her as a love rival for Yuuta. Wow, the relationships are just too complicated. It is like a really weird love triangle involving 2 19-year olds and a 14-year old. That just weirds me out.

Yuuta is a guy who likes to push hard. (If you know what I mean)

The whole part about them land lady b*tching/ being very dick-like will be covered in the next part. (pardon my language)

Though she dose have certain moe to her

For episode 8, I have to say it focuses on both the touching parts and the cuteness in a 50-50 ratio. Just nice of each to make you feel sad and cute-d. As Sora and Yuuta search for a new house, we do see more SoraxYuuta action but again I do not see it progressing any further. If that happens, I really do not know if I should be creeped out or freaked out. Wait, they are the same thing.

Did you heart just twitch with pain?

Then there is the power of moe. I mean when one moe girl is not enough to change a stubborn (but surprisingly moe as well) landlady, you get two. I mean, you cannot really stand up to both Miu AND Hina, it is just not possible. So in the end what happens? They get their way of course. I mean you can never say no to moe. (Epic Slogan!)

She has divine protection from Hina

Story-wise this was kind of expected, I mean the OP sequence features the house they live in, so if they were going to change rooms the OP technically would change. That folks is anime logic. The OP and ED spoil stuff for you.

No... me no like a serious Miu

Again and as usual I enjoyed it. Though episode 8 is definitely more enjoyable for me. The whole Miu and Hina segment just brought tears of moe to my eyes, Miu going all serious for that moment. We shall spend a few seconds in silence for that great amount of moe released.

Ahhhh! Sora-sama!!!

So how did you find this episode? If you find it boring, here is something fun for you to do if you’re bored, count the number of the word “moe” in this post. Have fun, a great day and a moe pic. Scratch that, make it double moe picture!

It is this one and the one on top. (troll)


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