The Socially Awkward Ririchiyo (InuxBoku SS Episode 7 & 8 Review)

So it is time for ANOTHER, double episode review. This time it’s for InuxBoku SS! Wow, I am really, really glad that once I am done with this I will be back on schedule and can do other things. If time permits, I might do a Symphogear review. (Or not)

This is DEFINITELY considered fanservice

Since we left off, nothing has changed except maybe Ririchiyo has friends now. Both Watanuki and Karuta are both close to Ririchiyo and although she does not admit it, I guess we all know she likes it. Plot wise nothing much progressed between those two episodes so nothing much to talk about there.

If the first one does not satisfy you, this should

Episode 7 is about when Ayakashi Kan gets invaded. By some Youkai, brought in by our maid with the assets and the house goes into lockdown. Mitsukami being his overly protective self tells her the Youkai are extremely dangerous. But it turns all they do is to grab onto you for a piggyback ride and he cannot stand anything touching his Ririchiyo-sama. Other than that the episode is about what the different characters do when they were stuck in their rooms.

Wow... so scary... To have something to cling onto you. Wait, that is scary!!!

Episode 8 is Ririchiyo trying to get the guys/ balls to thank Mitsukami and ask him out for coffee. That’s all. An entire episode on seeing how socially awkward the main heroine can be.

Can this be considered a cock-block?

This two episodes focus more on the character interactions, which is kind of the recipe most animes goes for these days. I will not say I detest (dislike) this, I rather enjoy it. It sort of gives you a guidebook on how NOT to behave with other people, like how about “Don’t be condescending and tell people how you really feel” seems like a realy good start.

Oh yes... teach her more naughty games, maybe monopoly next time?

As usual we get new EDs and with that we get a duet between Hiyochi and Hosoya Yoshimasa. Honestly I have no idea who tge latter is nor do I want to. I’m here just to hear Hiyochi sing, but I have to say that guy does a great job singing. But in the end both of them do not disappoint. (Especially Hiyochi) She uses a rather new voice and it has a much higher pitched voice than her Mio-voice and it just sounds ORGASMIC!!!

Looks like a poker card 0.0

The ED for episode 8 is done by the voice of Ririchiyo Hidaka Rina. Never heard her sing other than the from RKB (Ro-Kyu-Bu) where she did sound rather okay, but not fantastic. (Airi’s voice sounds rather high for my liking) But for this ED she sounds quite well, the song seems to suit her voice really well. Oh yeah from Ambiseiy that Hidaka Rina is going to be the next Hiyochi in terms of cheerfulness. Wow, that’s really ambitious girl, those are big shoes to feel, but go for it!

1...2...3... HNNNG!

I will spend a post about these music soon, so if you may, look forward to them! If you liked the episode and/or my post, feel free to like or comment! Moe pictuaar!!!

InuxBoku moe with an InuxBoku review



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