This is INSANITY! (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Episode 9 Review)

I am seriously running out of ways to start the post, so today, I’ll try this. (Monotone Voice) Another episode of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, this time episode 9. Please enjoy.

Just... need... to change the angle.

(Usual Hyper Voice) Yay! This time I guess the main theme for this episode is INSANITY. But that’s the theme for every episode. Guess I’ll stick to is all the same.

High School Boys and Older Brothers and Sisters

We all have siblings, what would you do if your older bro dates your friends sister. How awkward would that be? I mean when you talk about your siblings, do you go “Wow your bro is a stud!” or “Your sister _____(Insert Sexual Word(s) of your choice” That would be overly awkward would it not.

Your reaction when your friend got a gf/bf

Then another note. Do girls really snap from the lack of boyfriends? Totally not sexist, this is about as sexist as I am sarcastic. (Sarcasm) Poor girl though, I mean for you to agree to go out with a guy you would not want to kiss. Kids these days. Sigh… (Words of A Teen) I haven’t done one of these for a while so, “Don’t get into relationships blindly!” a social announcement by InterestSoap.

High School Boys and Drop-Kicks

As misleading as the title is, there is a surprising lack of violence in this episode.

Do not make any sexual jokes, I'll let you think of them yeself!

We do get to see that moe girl this time, well girls in this show with their faces shown is rare as it is, so this is something rather… uhh… refreshing? She does have several moe points and looks great in a Yukata so yeah.  Anyway, the bro-code is shown yet again, we Hidenori being cool for once. Being like a senpai to that guy. (whose name I forgotten and too lazy to find)


Now are you ready for this? It is one thing to get cock-blocked by a friend, but a completely different thing to have the same thing happen to you by your blood/DNA. Like you’re going to confess and you realise that the guy you are going to confess to is your cousin. (Not a episode reference) But what would you do? Will you give it up or keep going? For me, I will say give up. Incest is not my thing, no matter how cute that person is. (Unless it’s Azusa, but if she is my sister already I won’t even bother)

When blood cockblocks you.

High School Boys and Glasses

This is a rather short part so I’ll be brief as well. That moment when every one of your friend is doing something stupid and you’re the only guy among all of you that realises that. Another question, will you play along, or will you yell “You guys look like idiots doing that”, or join in? For me, if that stupid thing seems fun I will join, if not I will yell how idiotic they look.

You don't say?

High School Boys and the Daily Lives of the Student Council

For those of you who have a student council at your school, if not prefects. If you’re not one, have you always imagined what kinds of things they do at their “meetings”? Do they really do serious stuff or do they just loaf around. I honestly have no idea whatsoever so I love to wonder what they do. Maybe they’re just like the K-ON club, drinking tea all day.

Yup, this confirms all my doubts

High School Boys and Panties

Wow that title has to take the top for everything. Contrary to the title, there is literally no fanservice in this episode at all. Maybe this is one of the plus points of this anime, not relying on fanservice for their comedy.

I will decline to comment.

This has to be one of the most mind effing things I have seen before. I mean in all seriousness, it is illegal in almost every country to grab a peek at pantsu but teenage boys all wonder what it looks like. I can’t say that I have never thought about it, so you should be able to resist through other means right. (I will not talk about the other means) Then I guess the reaction at the end was kind of expected. You are being rather horrible to trick a girl’s modesty. ( Is that the right word?)

High School Boys and Wiring

This part just tells me one thing. Girls have huge prides and will lie through their teeth just to look awesome in front of others. BUT, this is just a show and is just a portrayal for the small minority. (If that minority even exists) So please do not take offense at the show nor at this post. ^^;

Revenge the bro way!


This is one of the High School Girls are Funky parts where they bring up again the incident which got Toshiyuki, you know… that incident that happened a few episodes back. Nobara aka Archdemon goes all rage mode and stuff. We also see Yoshitake’s alias Rubber Shooter!

Somebody is gonna get hurt the real bad...

This episode does not really have much hidden meaning except the past haunts you rather well. It does a great job in answering some unanswered questions and giving us a hell lot of entertainment , I mean this has to be one of the coolest side stories yet.

Sadly my childhood could not be this awesome. Maybe cause I was a shut-in even then.

So that wraps up another episode. Stay tuned for the PapaKiki post which will be coming up real soon. Until then, EAT YOUR MOE!



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