A Miu-centric Episode (Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 9 Review)

(No more greetings until I think of cooler ones) This episode is basically a Miu centered episode with her going on a date. But relax all you Miu lover, it is just Nimura trying to cheer her up after she seemed dull.

Miu-centric episode = Miu-centred Pictures

This episode has the label “Light-Hearted but contains serious themes” all over it. So, I will try approaching it with this cattle prod.

That is the classic scene you see at my table in school as well

Summing the whole episode, Miu feels sad after school, Miu decides to walk around the city, Miu meets Nimura, Nimura takes her around, Miu discovers more about herself.  After a talk high up on a building, I mean, he talks to her and she realises how she should approach life.

I pity her future boyfriend, she's gonna be a handful

What can I say about this episode, I guess we get to see much more about Miu’s character. But some  of it is already quite obvious. She’s like the special talented girl that everyone admires, as a result she wants to live up to those expectations and puts unnecessary pressure on herself and starts going all depressed. So the main point is it’s good to push yourself, but never over do it.

That is known as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Nimura seems like the really tactful kind of guy, could be the reason why he has so many damn girlfriends. So the trick to getting a partner is to be really smooth? But I guess the great Miu-sama can confuse a “well-experienced” person like Nimura, I mean I’m quite sure Miu’s reaction to his holding her hand shocked him for a while.

No sick jokes, but I think she knows he uses that hand to ____

This episode is kind of expected, I mean the whole “perfect girl is not as perfect as she seems”, must be overused and all, but still it is essential for her character development. If not her character will seem really (actually even more) two dimensional. But still it’s Miu after all, so no one can really complain about them.

Lolicons you may now scream and rave about, the rest, a nosebleed is sufficient.

What do are my feelings for this episode? As I said even though this theme is over-used, I still feel touched, cause as a student I already get plenty of problems. Throw in parents passing away and having more troubles than I already have and you will see me flying off a building. So I can empathize with Miu and her troubles, all I can say is that she is one strong hearted girl.

If Girls are made of secrets, Boys are made of lies.

Other than that I cannot really think of anything to say. I am exremely tired now so my brain is not working normally so this post is a bit… sub-par… but I assure you I will get enough sleep for my InuxBoku Post which will be out on Tuesday. Yes, I know… another late post, but I have a surprisingly busy schedule. I know right? It surprises me as well. If it’s okay with you, please leave behind a comment so I know where I can improve.

As you stare at this picture, think about a comment to leave behind =D



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  1. Yeah this one was not my favorite episode. Miu is a cute character and, she did need some development. But, that being said the theme is as you said…overused. Hopefully the next episode will be a bit better.

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