Purple, Red and White (Black Rock Shooter episodic: Episode 6)

Did I get your attention? One of the best Yuri pics I've ever seen ^.^

I thought the last episode was epic mindf**k but Black Rock Shooter decided to beat that with Episode 6. My mind is now sufficiently raped thanks to it.

The mind of BRS is blue. Who would have guessed?

Well, to start of the episode, we have Mato trapped in Insane Black Rock Shooter and she’s talking to herself about killing Dead Master, who looks like Yomi (I wonder why~). She’s convinced she has ruined Yomi and that she can’t fly any more. She looks around in the blue void of BRS’s mind and screams in anguish.

Brutal transformation scene!!! whooooooo

Black Rock Shooter begins transforming into Insane BRS at this point. She gets perforated by multiple chains and purple crystals/spikes and comes out of the maelstrom as Insane BRS. Shortly after doing that, she lifts up her now pimped out weapons and gets to killing Black Gold Saw.  However, BGS evades all her attacks and shoves her great big sword into Insane BRS’s right shoulder. Being Insane, BRS rips her own arm off. The whole time this was happening, Mato was screaming in a banshee whenever Insane BRS was wounded. Cue opening song. What a great way to start the episode. I was eating when I was watching. Happily, I’m not squeamish about blood, especially when it spews out as black and purple crystals.

As all the aciton occurs, Strength is seem dragging off Dead Master’s body to an unknown location. I’m assuming she’s going to chuck her body into that great ruddy pit just like she did with Chariot.

"The eff happened to my beautiful hair??"

In her own home, Yomi wakes up abruptly and wonders why she fell asleep on her dressing table. She looks into the mirror and is shocked to see that her hair has been cut short. It seems she really has forgot all memories of her pain and grief.

Meanwhile, Yuu has Mato’s head in her lap and is patting her head, telling her that she did well and that it must have been difficult (You don’t say?). However she begins panicking when Mato does not respond. In her desperation, she brings Mato to Saya’s house. When she gets there, Saya greets them with a “Why….Black Rock Shooter?” before proceeding to slap Yuu. She explains while yelling that the “other” selves will lose their humanity if they had to bear huge mental burdens, which Yuu imparted to Black Rock Shooter when she introduced Mato’s consciousness into her mind. Saya explains that she placed huge amounts of stress and grief on Yomi to awaken Dead Master.

You Don't Say?

Yuu says that she did expect Mato to get trapped in the “other” realm, trapped within Insane BRS’s mind. Saya continues with her yelling, telling Yuu that leaving Insane BRS to her own desire will results in the destruction of the other world. Yuu retorts, saying that its hard for everyone if thing remained the same but Saya replies, telling Yuu that she herself doesn’t matter. She mulls over the idea of killing Mato but cannot bring herself to do it as Mato has done nothing wrong.

Just Ouch

Meanwhile, in the “other” world, Insane BRS gets her revenge and lopes of BGS’s right arm. BGS decides to escape through the same means as before and disappears through the ground which is suddenly liquid. However, Insane BRS has some cool new skills and rips open the portal, following BGS through. In BGS’s realm of the “other” world, BGS summons hooded figures to combat Insane BRS.

Faceoff. And man, the graphics are good. Can't wait for BD rip


Dawn breaks and Yuu is seen crying. Saya informs her that Mato is trapped in Insane BRS’s mind but she wants to try talking to her trapped conciousness as hearing a human voice might snap Mato back into reality. She orders Yuu to stay put as she is not doing so to protect Mato but to protect “that girl” (We’ll get some hints of her identity later).

Insane BRS tears through the hooded figures as if they were noting but a mild impediment. They chant “It hurts, it’s painful” as Insane BRS spearheads her way through the swarm of them. Hooded heads roll across the floor.  Suddenly, Says’s voice is heared from BGS, pleading to Mato inside Insane BRS to stop which causes Insane BRS to hesitate, stopping her blade just before contacting with BGS’s head.

Well....I am a Yuri fan so I can't resist using this pic right?

Cool screen XD

Suddenly, Insane BGS is hurled away and pinned to pillars. A disc forms around BGS’s feet, forming into a screen of sorts and Saya begins recounting her tale:

While she was a high school student, Saya met Yuu, a silent and stoic girl, soaking wet and looking depressed (and generally miserable) while in a bathing suit. Saya inquired what was wrong, and chased after her. She notices a number of girls snickering, but continues chasing her. She told Yuu to come to where she lived and serves her noodles after she gets changed out of the bathing suit.

What a memorable first meeting

When talking to her mom to get Yuu some ice cream, she found out that Yuu, both at home and school, was constantly bullied and had many problems with her family to boot. However, she locked her pain inside her body.

Determined to help her, Saya continued to try befriending her, and at a moment where they talk together by the river shore, where Yuu assisted Mato in going to the Otherworld, Saya says that Yuu is strong for holding herself together. However, Yuu told her that it’s not herself who’s holding the pain; it’s “another girl”, who is coming out to take her pain instead. Thus, Yuu says the pain doesn’t hurt her much. Saya tells Yuu that she wants to help Yuu with her pain at this point.


One day, Saya’s mother came in and told her something has happened to Yuu’s house. The house was on fire, and desperately, Saya calls for Yuu. She prematurely comes to the conclusion Yuu set fire to it, taking revenge on the people who had done these things to her (her parents). Saya turned around to see Yuu, being supported by a firefighter and is lost of words. Yuu asks if Saya thinks she was the culprit. Yuu smiles sadly when Saya’s silenced answers her question. Saya chases after the ambulance Yuu is in, pleading to her that she did not think of that but trips and falls.

The cause was eventually determined to be a cigarette that Yuu’s stepfather had forgotten to put out. However, Saya couldn’t forget that smile Yuu had given her, and she wondered what she could do for Yuu. One day, she saw her sitting by the river’s shore, and approaches her. Yuu begins running away but Saya grabs her wrist, declaring that she will do anything to help Yuu.

*Yuri Goggles MAX*

Yuu replied that the world they exist in is the most painful, and said that she was wondering if she should let her other self take all of her pain. Yuu said that if Saya truly wants to do “anything”, then Saya needs to protect her. Yuu’s eyes glowed orange and she came close, and told Saya to say her name, which initially confused her but Yuu suddenly forces Black Gold Saw and Saya’s other name to emerge.

Back to the present, Insane BRS breaks free from the pillars and resumes attacking BGS. Saya continues pleading with Mato but just then, Insange BRS’s blades springs forward, heading for BGS’s head. But the blade is diverted at the last moment when Strength rams into Insane BRS.  Strength smashes the ground and falls through the ground as she holds BGS’s body. Insane BRS’s falls with them down as many colours fly past them.

When they finally touch land again, presumably in Strength’s realm, Strength hides BGS’s limp body and turns to face Insane BRS.

Saya awakens in the real world and gasps, saying that “that girl” had suddenly come to her aid. She begins wondering why even though she did something horrible to her (it’s strongly hinted that Strength is Yuu so duh, no prizes for guessing who the girl is) and also could not do anything for her which is why she is confused why Strength would help her.

Strength: Imma fist BRS. If you know what I mean

Strength looks surprisingly awesome

Yuu tells her that “that girl” forgave her, but Saya says that she failed her duty to protect that world. Yuu hugs Saya and apologizes to Saya and Mato, saying that Mato must be feeling a lot of pain right now. She also apologizes to BRS (who is now raving bonkers), saying she forced her wish upon them.

Mato, within Insane BRS, says to herself that she understands that she’s been forcing the pain she has onto another girl. She says that BRS is there to save everyone from their grief but after saying so; she says that it’s wrong.

Yomi returns to school, her hair in braids, and responds cheerfully to Kagari. Kagari mulls to her other friends that something’s wrong, even though Yomi is cheerful.

Later, while sitting at a bench, Yomi deletes the mail folder with Mato’s name on it from her phone.

BLAM, epic mecha. Also, I'm using Lightbox for my misc pics now so I'll never exceed my Photobucket bandwidth again

And wow, the most intense episode of Black Rock Shooter thus far ends. And I’m guessing the next 2 episodes will only get more intense and dark.

My thoughts for this episode are kinda muddled around but there are some clear thoughts within the mental disorder of my mind. Firstly, who is Yuu? Why is it that she has no shadow in the current time but she was living breathing person in Saya’s time in school. Is the Yuu we see interacting with Mato nothing more than an apparition from Strength?  It seems Yuu really did force all of her grief and anguish onto Strength and that’s why she asked Saya to protect her as Black Gold Saw, supposedly against the other inhabitants of that world. It certainly seems so as Yuu is the only one who can allow others to interact with their “other” selves.

I'm desperately trying to hold your attention if you have ADD

However, 1 question is now clearly answered. Saya is clearly able to control most of Black Gold Saw’s actions but I’m unsure why she wants the girls’ “other” selves to kill other and also why she wants to awaken them first. Perhaps she’s trying to help them forget their grief, as is her job as counsellor.

Meanwhile, what will happen to Mato and Insane Black Rock Shooter. Why would BRS want to destroy the world she’s in? And what does Mato really mean when she said that Black Rock Shooter was there to help everyone get rid of their grief. It does imply that Black Rock Shooter’s role in the other world is to kill the “other” selves to cause their real world counterparts to forget it all. But it’s pretty obvious why Mato is trapped in Insane BRS. I don’t think her mind’s all that intact after killing her best friend’s “other” self and also knowing doing so will cause Yomi to forget about her.

For now, all we can is wait for the next episode, which I am really looking forward too. That’s an understatement actually as I’m just yelling at my laptop, demanding the next episode.  I’m really happy with the way Black Rock Shooter is progressing and I’m looking forward to the end. I will no doubt be re-watching and reviewing this once it completes it’s airing. Great actions scenes and not bad as a psychological anime. The whole mystery bit is enjoyable too but the mindf**k value is messing with my brain.

And now, pic dump of the rest of my screen shots ^3^


Like a baws in a rain of purple bullets

Oh god, what have I done. Sorry, but the face is too funny when used out of context

Moe crying girl. I want a snuggle now


Strength's realm is f****g badass. A Rubicks cube of death.

This is the part that left the plot open. What does BRS really do?

And that’s all from me for now. This is my longest episodic ever but I hope it made for good reading ^.^



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