Trickster Sister – Nisemonogatari Episode 10 Review

I can’t believe how fast this series is coming to a close, with only one episode to go for this season. I can see why its called trickster story; Karen’s arc is about a trickster, Kaiki, stirring up trouble and now Tsukihi Phoenix is about a supernatural being deceiving people.

This episode really satisfied me. Tsukihi finally gets some screen time in this arc and the plot thickens.

The show hints at Tsukihi’s immortality with her permanent scar healing, and of course the scar is located in the middle of her chest. Araragi, being a helpful older brother, decides to check on it when he realizes he can’t see it. Tsukihi seems completely unaware of her ability. It would be pretty sad if she found out about it through everyone but her growing old and dying.

Or is she?

When Shinobu said that she had secret intel, I immediately thought of Yotsugi and Yozuru but it seems to her that donut offers are classified information. I don’t mind though, it gives us a chance to see the century-old Shinobu’s sweet, donut-loving side.

Still a better vampire than Twilight

Though, for some strange reason, I thought of Azu-nyan(K-On!) eating cake when Shinobu ate the donut. Go figure.

Totally original

As expected, Yotsugi and Yozuru revealed their motives in this episode by trying to kill Tsukihi. When Kaiki said that they were the real thing compared to him, I knew they were trouble, but I didn’t expect them to kill her without saying anything. Its probably because I’ve come to expect some dialogue before any kind of conflict in Nisemonogatari but I like that they’re going action first, talk later for once.

According to them, Tsukihi is an “Evil Phoenix” pretending to be human. If Tsukihi really is a Phoenix, then what’s her motive behind pretending to be human for 14 years? Also as expected, Yotsugi(the weird one) has a fearsome ability – the deadliest poke in the world.

Run for your lives

Araragi goes total beast mode when he sees Tsukihi getting murdered by a giant finger, but he is stopped by Yozuru when she… sits on him.

She must be pretty heavy...

Shinobu bargains with them and they agree to leave Tsukihi alone for a day even though they see through her bluff right away. The only reason I can think of is that Yozuru is bored and is using Araragi as entertainment.

Once again the episode ends off with a cliffhanger. I’m really looking forward to see Tsukihi’s reaction to the attack and Shinobu. Will she be feisty or shocked or calm? And what will they do about Yozuru and Yotsugi? Or are Yozuru and Yotsugi really doing good since they claim Tsukihi is secretly evil? Personally, I think that Tsukihi is innocent and human but we’ll have to wait to find out.

Thanks for reading! And sorry about posting this a day late.


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