GO! GO! MANIAC! (InuxBoku Episode 9 Review)

What a title for this episode. “Day of the Promise”, it makes this episode sound so serious and like somebody died or something. But then, it’s just a day to drink coffee with Miketsukami.

Heads up, but most of the pictures are here for the moe, nothing else.

This episode has weird scenes in it does it not?

Does this count as weird?

This episode is al; about Ririchiyo and Miketsukami and their “date”. Yes I am going to call it a date. For a girl who has hardly any friends I guess it takes a lot for her to actually ask someone for a drink/date. I am quite sure that most people will not spend an entire day worried just for a short drink right? Not that I have any experience in that sector.

I wanna be in between them...

The main things that happens is a free eating session at the supermarket or something, a really weird game and the reappearance of our great S&M pal, Kage! In other words, no plot progression! Which leads me to think that is a more seinen kind of show than shounen. It focuses so much more on romance then actual action form the whole Youkai part. Not that it is a bad thing, but I guess the lack of action turns away many people. Personally though, I don’t mind it one bit and a like the character design and interactions a lot.

Uhm... yeah. This is good character design.

Then at least there is quite a lot of character good and “interesting” character interaction going on, like Nobara, Chino (The Well-Asset-ed Maid) and well… a Tranny. These characters do interact and match each other well, and not just these 3. Like the trio of Karuta, Ririchiyo and Watanuki and Miketsukami and Natsume, they all suit each other well. Like being S to another’s S and playing funnyman and stooge.

Where can you find a girl like that???

Hmm…. What else can I talk about. How about interesting things about the characters. Like how Miketsukami is a complete stalker to Ririchiyo to know that much about her. Or Nobara’s “MANIAC!”, which I think can be replaced by the word “MOE” seeing they have the same effect. But I have to say the most captivating relationship (to me) is not Miketsukami and Ririchiyo but (yes you guessed it) Takanuki and Karuta. I want Karuta for myself, but I have to admit they have a really great relationship.

Just to prove my point, 4 pictures.

I mean they are teens so a relationship on their level is something I can understand more than something between adults, or a adult and a certain tsunshun. The other male-female relationship is some I will call romantic, but the relationship between those two is something I call sweet. The best romance in my opinion is something sweet, and not completely romantic. So far I have not found one like that, so if you have heard of one like that please tell me.

And of course, Karuta's MANIAC moment.

Finally, seeing that entrance that Kage makes and the words he says make me feel that I am going to be really disturbed by that episode. I don’t know why, it just gives me the vibes. But still I will enjoy it while being distubed. I mean… Kage in a bathrobe. Power of Moe… counter that!!!

Me wanna be that teddy bear.


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