Studies and Anime Do Not Mix

I have given this a lot of though and I finally decided on it. From today onwards, I am stopping ALL (yes I mean all) my episodic blogposts. It took me a long time to decide but I guess this is for the best.

Yes I look like this while thinking.

Why would I stop all the episodics? Well, it takes time to churn out these posts and through doing these posts, I forsake time I could use to study and honestly my results suffered from all this blogging. It is not me to stop half way through an episodic but I guess I have to prioritize first.

All 4 of our writers here are 16 and we all have a really big examination coming up. Doing badly for this exams will kind of affect our futures quite a bit so I really do not want to regret this. But have no worries, on the 16th of November, I will return. (All the papers end on that day)

So don't look so sad, I'll be back. (To those who bother)

A little bit more bad news, I might completely stop blogging for this whole period. But that will come at later notice. But until then, I will continue providing you with rant posts and other stuff once in a while.

If you have been consistently reading all my episodics, I really thank you for your continual support and I hope you will continue to support Interest Soap. Dun worry I will still be doing a Spring Preview. Look out for that, I have a great plan in motion for that. Until then, moe picture.

I am going to emo for a while. ;_;


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  1. Understandable. That was also the reason why I stopped my own post spammage and episodic reviews when I was still foreveralone.jpeg at AOIIA.

    Alternatively you could write and schedule posts in your free time so that when exam periods come around you still have ‘regular’ posts going up. Those would have to be editorials, of course.
    You can see that for the whole month all the posts were prefaced with the same statement. (Not necessary, but still.) I did better that year for my EOYS.

    Otherwise more time management helps. good luck with your O levels nonetheless.

    • thanks i will try that out. So far time is definitely not on my side so not sure if i can even do that. but once the Os are over i will be back with a vengeance

  2. At the end of the day, blogging’s just a hobby. It’s not going to help with college admissions or job acceptances. Take your time, study hard and you’ll ace the tests. The blogosphere will always be here 😉

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