The Spring Preview Post!

As you guys may have seen the previous post, this will be my last few blog posts until I am done with that big examination, so I hope you enjoy my somewhat of a “goodbye post”. This time it’s the spring preview post.

The list for you guys, it is missing some animes though.

Now, seeing that I will not be blogging about it at all, I will go with a new format. Not why I am watching this show, but why I think you would enjoy the show, also I will not describe much about the show, I will leave you to find that out. (It’s not hard) I guess my guessing skills were quite good seeing I picked quite good shows to watch for the winter season.


I put it simply, Fate/Zero is a great show, if you like the first season, go for it. If you did not like the first season, don’t. Watch it if you are looking for a above average plot and really good actions scenes. (From what I heard.) I did not watch it yet so I am not a good judge.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 100% (If you like the first season),  60% (If you did not like the first season)

Accel World

Looks to me like a mix between action and a lot of silly comedy. I will say it has quite a good chance for being a good show, but I think it will not be a great show. But if you are into weird romances like that between a pudgy boy and a really well-endowed girl go for it. For seiyuu fans, Toyosaki Aki is in it.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 60% This might not be for everyone, personally, it does not interest me that much, but it has potential with 24 episodes.

Acchi Kocchi

A romantic school comedy involving a Tsundere. In my opinion,  a really, really risky thing to go for seeing the many failed attempts at it. The plot is really overused though. The guy is unaware of the girl’s feelings and she goes all tsun towards him.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 20% (if you are sick and tired of tsundere romances) 80% (if you like tsundere romances and not sick of them)


I will be frank, the artwork does not seem that nice to me, the idea is not that interesting. Basically looks like a bad attempt to recreate the popular THE IDOLM@STER. I guess the music will be something to look out for but other than that, I don’t see the need to watch it.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 100% (If you are a ____48 fan) 20% (If you don’t really like the ___48s)

Eureka Seven AO

Sequel to Eureka Seven. I do not know much about this show so I cannot say much, but it seems rather good and does seem to have interesting action scenes. If you love action then go for it. Other than that I cannot say much.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? ???% I do not know much about it, but it does not interest me that much.

Ginga e Kickoff!! and Kuroko No Basuke

Both are sports series series. Need I say more? It’s all up to you.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? ???% I would say 0%, but that’s me being biased.

Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san!

A show with quite a lot of moe. I will say give it a go just for the moe. To me it looks really appealing but I guess the reasons for you to watch it is that it seems like a rather interesting comedy plus THERE IS MOE.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 100% (if you love moe comedy) 80% (if you want some entertainment)

Hiiro no Kakera

Romantic action with what seems like a Reverse Harem. If you like this kind of thing… uhh go ahead. If you are a guy and do not like romance, stay far away from it. I will say the music they have is really nice. Something scary is that what would happen if Fujoshis get their hands on this.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 90% (if you like to fantasize about yaoi) 70% (if you’re a normal guy looking for a good romance)


Seems a little deep and serious, but does not seem that eye-catching. Though I have to say there is a chance that it might be really good. But I say it will be a gamble.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 60% Take the gamble if you want to.

Nazo no Kanojo X

This has to be that “disturbing series” for the Spring season. Because it has the most disturbing plot I have ever seen. Watch it for… uhh…. Weird kissing scenes? And uhh… scissors in pantsu?

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 30% No. Simply, No.

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion

Ecchi action show. Again, I will say no. Prove me wrong if it is good though.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 20%

Sakamichi no Apollon

Looks like it can be a great show. A music anime about jazz with serious themes like growing up. I say give it a go. It has hopes.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 80% It seems like a tear jerker, give it a go!

Uchuu Kyoudai

A show with more adult like themes since it features two grown up brothers. If you still prefer light and fluffy animes like me, then this is not so much for you. If you like things like growing up and surviving in this cruel harsh world, go ahead!

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 20% (for people who want to stay young at heart) 70% (if you want to hurry up and grow up)

Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

Seems like another Another. If you cannot take horror, stay away from this. I am staying away… as far as I can.

How much I would suggest you to watch it? 30% Just do not go near it. I’m scared ;_;


Now… here are the anime I expect the more out of this season, so how much I would suggest you to watch these? 90%

Shining Hearts Shiawase no Pan

Based off a PSP game. So far the things that you have to look out for this show are… the really nice artwork and a rather interesting story. The artwork will definitely be the biggest thing for this show, but I am not sure about the rest of it. Still it seems good so it gets a 90% Has a interesting cast with Mikami Shiori, Itou Kanae and Saito Chiwa.


A zombie love story. Focus more on the romance element in this show, not the whole zombie thing. Many people expect a lot out of this and it does seem interesting so give it a go. It does have a rather moe looking main character and the romance in it might be good. It does have a new rising seiyuu in it. Uchida Maaya, go check her out.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Of The Dead

Sequel to Kore wa Zombie desu ka? One simple reason why I would ask you to watch it. For one really important reason. To get entertained. I am sure it will not be very fantastic seeing the premise, but I can easily assure you that it will be very entertaining. It has Hikasa Youko. It has Hikasa Youko.

Kimi To Boku 2

Sequel to Kimi To Boku. I heard that the first season was really good so if you watched the first season, watch this. If you have not, marathon the first season then watch this. Again, watch out for the Fujoshis.

Medaka Box

An ecchi show. Again, for the raw entertainment, watch it. Plus it has a interesting cast with Toyosaki Aki and Kayano Ai. Can be a great comedy if they do not go too overboard and focus only on echi.


A mystery in a High School. Seems light hearted at the start but I expect deep themes to come out from it. I guess if you watched it you would enjoy that and the light humor that it comes with. This have to be something that you have to wait and see. And by see, I mean watching the anime. Satomi Sato, AKA Shuga is in it, just saying.


Now, over here, we have the animes I expect THE MOST out of all this season. The big boys. But it’s my opinion only, not anyone else’s so don’t be too surprised. I give this a watch rating of 101%


It gives me the vibes of a healing yet comedic anime, something that I think many people will enjoy. The premise of the anime has that set-up. It might be another Tamayura, which no one expects to be good but ends up surprising everyone. So this is a definite must watch.

A game, match the seiyuu to her character!

Natsuiro Kiseki

Another big one. This time it’s a show which characters are based of real life seiyuus from the group Sphere. I am somewhat a sphere fan and a definite Toyosaki Aki and Kotobuki Minako fan so I will definitely watch it. If are like me, watch it, if not read on. This anime can go 2 directions, the Tamayura way and the cute girls doing cute stuff way. If you like any, watch it.


A moe show about guns turning into girls. That has to be the cutest and most interesting anime of this season. It seems really interesting to me and I guess as what Valence said, “It gives a new meaning to calling you gun your wife” It does seem really interesting so I am giving it a go. Come on, MOE and GUNS. It’s everything a guy would want.

Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A

The moe-jong (mahjong) show is back, with a new cast and a side story. Personally, I love the first season for the nice characters and cool mahjong action. Advice to you, it helps if you know about Japanese Mahjong before watching. The new cast looks great, with the likes of Yuuki Aoi and Hanazawa Kana, our currently more popular seiyuus.

It’s special cause I gave it two pictures.

This show caters to almost everybody’s needs. It has moe, mahjong and yuri. Good enough for you? This show is to me the big show, like Nisemonogatari was for the Winter Season. So I will definitely ask you to watch it.


So that more or less wraps up what I have to say. The animes that I did not mention just did not interest me, so sorry about that. Interesting things for you to note, from what I can see, the (female) seiyuu in the most number of anime for this season is Toyosaki Aki and Kitamura Eri if I am not wrong.

What shows are you planning to watch? Until the next time we meet much much later, enjoy the moe picture.

Yes, I went with the swimsuit picture.


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  1. Nazo no Kanojo X is the greatest manga ever created in the history of manga. Go ahead, read 5 chapters. Then, I DARE you to try and stop reading.

    So far a few people have accepted this challenge from me and all of them failed miserably, reading for hours on end.

    It’s literally the only thing I care about. I won’t really know the full Spring Lineup until I am able to watch the first episode of Nazo no Kanojo X.

    Okay I lied Sankarea also kicks ass as a manga and I’m looking forward to that too.

    • i see… im not much of a manga reader but i will give it a go! thanks for the recommendation!

    • If I’m not wrong the anime adaptation of Sankarea is going to be totally different from the Manga, so I’d recommend watching both the upcoming anime and reading the manga.

  2. Jormungand is really good. I’ve read the manga, and I highly recommend it. It is another one of those manga I’ve been waiting to watch an anime of. Upotte is another one. But I’d recommend watching (the anime) and reading (the manga) of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. It isn’t much horror in the early part of the story. Imo, its nowhere close to Another-level of scariness, its not even horror. ( ¬‿¬)

    • lol…. now i have too many shows to watch, so far my watch plans are the last 4, since i want to see them the most. The rest will all be marathoned after the exams =D

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