All is apparent (Black Rock Shooter Episodic: Episode 7)


Well, a delightful fruit on Twitter informed me that this episode would be intense and damn; was she right. That was such an enjoyable episode. Finally, most of our doubts are cleared and the main basis for the entire story laid out clearly.

This delightful episode starts of with Mato thinking about why she likes the Li’l Bird Li’l Bird Colorful Colours. Although the story does not have a happy ending, she wonders why she still likes it so much.

Now we’re back in Saya’s room where she has just woken up before she proclaims that she is unable to interact with the “other” realm as Black Gold Saw is trapped there. Yuu offers to go in place of Saya but Saya protests against it. However, Yuu says that she can’t do anything for Mato if she does not go to the “other” world.

Yuu speaks to Saya about Mato, saying Mato is strange as “ugly” emotions such as grief, sorrow and envy don’t seem to exist within her and that it’s almost as if Mato herself hates sorrow. Hence, she chooses to not take on such emotions and aid others in getting rid of theirs. Therefore, Yuu thinks that might the role of Black Rock Shooter in the “other” world as BRS seeks to kill the “other” selves to rid people of such emotions.

By killing their "other" selves. Rather pleasant eh

Yuu continues, saying that if BRS kills Strength, she and Mato would both be unreachable. Consequently, she says that she won’t let that happen and bis goodbye to Saya, musing that their time together was too short.

Meanwhile, in the “other” world, Insane BRS and Strength are still battling each other when Yuu’s voice suddenly is heard throughout, telling Mato to wake up. In BRS’s mind, Mato hears Yuu and reacts. Strength transforms her fists into guns and begins firing at Insane BRS but they don’t have any apparent effect on her. Mato cries out at BRS, pleading her to not hurt Strength. Insane BRS is stopped in her tracks and is knocked back by Strength. Insane BRS turns her Lance onto herself, shooting herself in the legs. This causes Mato to scream as she experiences the pain as wounds spread out across her legs. Yuu’ voices begs Mato not to lose, telling her that she can escape from BRS’s mind if she shouts that BRS is not her. However, this realization only serves to torment Mato.

Great job Commie subs. What an amusing Pun XD

Mato begins seeing visions of her friends and family as they speak about her. Her little brother says that she’s weird but overall a nice sister. Her classmates say that Mato is nice but no one knows what goes on in her head at all. Her mother continues, saying that Mato is a good girl that is trying to grow up too fast and that she is also trying to be too good.

Mato covers her years as she mutters “I’m a good girl” and “Nothing is painful”, ignoring Yuu’s pleas as Insane BRS continues fighting with Strength. Mato believes that everyone is kind at heart and people can understand each other. She didn’t want to feel pain, or be hated. However, she knows now she was just running away and knows why the little bird’s wings became tainted, and admired it because she sympathized. Suddenly, a vision of BRS in her normal state flashes into Mato’s mind before she hears Yuu’s voice, saying that there is nothing wrong with not wanting to be heard and that it’s not like Mato to run away from her troubles.

Suddenly, as Insane BRS runs at Strength, Strength speaks, asking “You’re not the one running away. So who is?”

Mato is shocked by Strengths words and Strength continues, proclaiming that she hates those who spreads lies about her. She taunts Insane BRS and Mato, telling them that they are annoying and that she hurts (because of the bullets being shot at her I suppose).

Suddenly, Insane Strength!!

Yuu replies, saying that this was not how it’s supposed to be but Strength yells, saying that she was the one that was supposed to be protected before she starts beating the crap out of Insane BRS.

In the real world, Saya finally finds Yuu where she begins speaking to her, calling her Strength.

Back in the “other” world, all is finally revealed. The girl Insane BRS was fighting was not strength but was actually the real Yuu, fighting in Strength’s body while it was Strength that was in Yuu’s body in the real world.

In school, Yomi suddenly feels pain even though she has no idea what was painful. The teacher walks into the classroom, asking if anyone had seen Mato as he parents reported that she did not return home the previous night. Yomi suddenly runs out of class and Kagari notices she left materials to make bracelets behind.

Yomi runs as she wonders why hearing about Mato hurts so bad as she only knew Mato as a girl in her class. Her iris changes shape, just as they did when Dead Master had been a part of her. The police shows up at school adn she clutches herself, wondering why it hurts.

Meanwhile, Saya calls the school, informing them that she was taking a day off.

The real Yuu continues to speak with Mato in the “other” world as she powers up to a different form where she sprouts 2 more arms and continues beating Insane BRs about the place. As this occurs, Strength, the Yuu Mato had know in the real world, explains to her what had transpired for such events to occur.  Strength explains that years ago, she and the “other” selves were formed by the grief and sorrow girls felt and that they had no emotions, only fighting on the instincts of their human selves.

Oh man, sexual innuendo!!!

However, Black Rock Shooter arrived one day and Strength fought with her; without any intentions, be it losing or winning. Just as Strength was about to lose and die, she suddenly hears Yuu’s voice, telling her not to die. The real Yuu’s pain and anguish had triggered Strength to suddenly develop emotions. Strength finds out that most of Yuu’s emotions were of pain and hatred. Hence, she realized that if BRS was to kill her, Yuu would be unable to handle it all. Yuu tells Strength that she is grateful she exists as she can deposit her pain onto Strength as pain is always inflicted onto her by others. Yuu continues, saying that the “other” world was simpler as they only needed to fight and offers to switch places with her. Therefore, the switch occured, bringing Strength into the real world and Yuu into the “other” world.

Imagine hearing the voice of someone who claims you to be part of her. Trippy

In the real world, Saya apologizes to Strength, asking her to forgive her for forcing Strength to shoulder all these responsibilities. She asks Strength to protect the world in her stead so that Yuu can continue having her shelter in the “other” world.

Meanwhile in school, Yomi wanders into the Art Club room and touches the painting she drew of Mato crying blood with a purple flame around her left eye. She suddenly receives visions of the times she has spent with Mato and doesn’t want to think of them as they hurt. She blurts out that Mato is her friend and begins crying. As she runs down the stairs away from the roof where she had realized that simple fact, she wonders why she was trying to forget about Mato.

Dead Master, awaken!!!!

In the “other” world, in the deep pit where all the dead “other” selves lay after Strength threw them down, Dead Master’s body suddenly twitches.

Holy damn, that was epic. I had guessed most of this stuff by episode 4 but I couldn’t confirm my suspicions at all.

Now we all know the basis for the “other” world and all that occurs there. Black Rock Shooter acts as a sort of executioner/saviour, killing the “other” selves to free the girls from their griefs and sorrow as Mato’s personality despises sorrow.

Epic picture of epicosity

Now, it’s also clear who “Yuu” is and why she doesn’t have a shadow or why she doesn’t age. So we now know all this hubbub was caused by the real Yuu being in the other world where she conflicts with BRS. Yuu wishes to stay in that world to escape from reality but BRS wants to help those in the real world by killing their other selves.

In my own opinion, Saya and Black Gold Saw’s role is now apparent. Saya serves to protect Yuu and she had done this by ensuring Black Rock Shooter always was distracted by others. That might have been why Saya had chosen to awaken Dead Master. But this is all my own interpretation.

The final episode is one I’m really looking forward to now. I want to see how Yuu and Black Rock Shooter/Mato settle their differences. Dead Master might be revived as Yomi now recovers all her past grief and sorrow so I’m also interested in the role in the final episode. Hey, if we’re lucky, it might be a 1 hour long episode. I’m also curious as to how they will conclude Says/Black Gold Saw’s part in all this and what they will do with Kagari/Chariot.

All in all, I’m really excited for the next episode.

And as usual, pic dump time.

You are not worthy!!!!

Hey look, finger guns

Burst Firing is for pussies who can't handle recoil


Transform hands into Gattling Guns!!!!

Is she dead?????

Nope, Chuck Testa

Dodge them blades like the Matrix

Too many internet memes made me think of "Oh gawd, why"

When in doubt, shoot at your doubts

Ninja sword catch!!!


Suddenly, guns everywhere

Sprout another pair of arms and smack Insane Black Rock Shooter

Tearful goodbyes to you; my dear readers


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  1. An hour long episode would be nice 🙂

    I still don’t understand the whole shadow concept…what’s that all about? Reminds me of Peter Pan losing his shadow XD

    • The “shadows” or the “other” selves are like alter-egos of the girls who run on pure instinct brought about by the girls’ emotions and they fight each other.
      The alter-egos act like a “box” of sorts to store negative emotions.

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