The REAL long awaited post – Why I love Yuri

Sooo, for those that managed to catch my April’s Fool joke previously, ha! I now present to you the real post.

I’m joking about the title of course. Well….not that much. I’ve been intending to write this post for such a long time now. Pretty much ever since I got into Yuri and people (who know about my anime watching/manga reading habits) asking me why I loved it, I’ve been intending to write this.

First of all, I should give a short introduction of sorts on how I even got into Yuri. And actually, this is the exact same story on how I discovered the wonders of 2D since I found that out through Yuri. So yeah, Yuri is rather important to me. (That sounds rather…strange…)

To start it all off, my journey began with FunnyJunk. Yes, I know it’s random but hear me out. I visit that site often for my daily dose of chuckles and one day, as I was browsing, I came across a picture. It was a compilation of some of the CG’s from Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo (I’m rather proud that I can spell it all out instantly XD). I was immediately entranced. “What is this wonderful thing here???” How helpful it was for one of the commenter to give me the name for it as well. Back then, I didn’t know what a Visual Novel was of course so I thought maybe it was some animated film. With girls kissing each other.

A quick stint on the most wonderful Google gave me ListlessInk as the top hit. Of course now I know why it was the top hit on Google with those search terms but back then, I was just curious. A click later and I’m once again spellbound. “What is all this???? Why are there so many girls kissing?? EACH OTHER TOO!!!”. Well, those were the thoughts that ran through my head. But being male with puberty on it’s onset, I didn’t mind at all. I read through a few of Yihshieh’s reviews on Sono Hanabira and I was so intrigued that downloaded the first game (Which was the only translated one at that time) and played it at midnight when my family was asleep. Absolutely captivating. I wasn’t all that innocent by that time but I still wasn’t really paying attention much to the H but it was the character interaction that got me.

Reading novels sure are fun but it’s just words on paper. A visual novel gives what it’s name suggests. Visuals!!! And I found the character interactions between Yuuna and Nanami so cute and “new” that I went back to Yi’s blog and read more. Ever inquisitive, I began using the powers of the Internet to find out more about Yuri. That eventually lead me to read Girlfriends (It’s still one of my favourites) as my very first manga followed by Gokujou Drops. And that folks, was how I got into Yuri. A mix of absolute chance, Wikipedia, WordPress and Curiosity. Of course this all lead me to watch K-On! as my first anime and the rest is history. Even though it was only 8 or so months ago.

Now that the long ass intro is out of the way, I can really tackle this topic. Why I Love Yuri.

Well, firstly, I’m going to give a default answer. It’s cute. Most of the time. 2D Teleidoscope wrote a post on this matter some time back before he retired from the aniblogosphere and I find myself agreeing with most of his points. Yuri shows a different brand of love altogether from straight and BL. It’s all about those conflicting emotions (could they all be referred to as angst?) as vulnerabilities and insecurities.

In fact, there might be a deeper, more underlying reason why I enjoy Yuri so much. When thinking too much about life in general a while back, it dawned upon me that it might have something to do with me personality/mentally wise. I felt a bit self-pitying that day so I pondered it some more till I got a workable thesis. I think I might like Yuri as much as I do because in essence, it’s fills a “void” where I lack certain things.

Well, as anyone who had conversed with me might know, I’m a rather insensitive individual. I’m also rather open in the sense I can give my opinions and speak my mind without any hesitation. I’m also rather secure (which I use to my advantage when I creepy my friends out) and I’m not prone to being insulted or to feel vulnerable. Most of these stem from how I was brought up ( I think I’ve mentioned this in another post here or on AOIA).

Having been bestowed with all these personality quirks (none of them are essentially “good” by the way), Yuri shows me another side of life, one I have not experienced in a long time. The only times I remembers myself acting vulnerable and insecure when I realised I had a crush (my first one). Shortly after that (and my immediate rejection by her), I just hardened myself everything around me (leading to my insensitivity). However, the crush was definitely not the only reason I did that but it kind of the turning point. In that sense, Yuri shows me what I have missed out for such a long period. Not that I miss being vulnerable and insecure all thy much but those also instilled in people other emotions beside trepidation (particularly if the source of such emotions was a crush and such). It was a great time of “doki-doki” I haven’t had in ages.

And a more personal reason why I love Yuri is also related to the above text chunk. I like the sensitivity used in Yuri to bring forth the character interactions. In real life (and on the Internet as well), I’m might be the epitome of insensitivity and “lack of conscience” my friends know. And that riles me. I act as such despite me wanting to be sensitive and more observant of social cues simple because I have bad experiences by acting as such. Sure, being a stony-hearted person has its own sets of problem but they are nowhere as bad as if I was a “nice sensitive man”. It also frees up a lot of thinking because I have to bother myself with less when communicating with others. But in Yuri, every little actions brings a sense of insecurity in the girls due to their sensitivity, particularly to the one they love. For example “oh no, she seems to be looking away from her today. Is she having doubts about accepting me?” and such (by the way, that’s a rather default Yuri plot device). Once again, it’s showing me something I miss. This bit can actually be lumped in with that paragraph above.

A new vocaloid I'm interested in. Lily ^.^
It's a shame not a lot of people tune her voice right

So that’s pretty much it actually. Yuri appeals to my softer side, where I like cute stuff, the sensitive stuff and such. Yuri is also extensively interesting to me because I enjoy stories that focus on the character’s interactions instead of their actions. I have read Yuri manga where nothing except the 2 girls going to school as per normal was shown and it was still enjoyable. I know Yuri is probably not an accurate representation of girls (I’ll be damned if I know anyway. I’m in a boys school and haven’t had a long extensive interaction with the opposite sex in a while) but I suppose it kind of gives me insight? (I’m just blabbering for here on, aren’t I?).

It does sound like I’m just ranting about some angsty personal issue right……right?

But then again, who really needs reasons to justify why you love something? You just do. Most of the time, you yourself aren’t sure why you like it so. Something about it just clicked with you. And that’s all that matters right? You enjoy it. So I’m going to end here. And find a new Yuri manga to read.


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  1. we need more yuri indeed my comrade…:P

  2. I got into yuri by thinking, “Hey, you know what would be awesome? Some yuri.”

    As usual, I proved myself right yet again.


  3. Yuri is something great and necessary for being alive.
    What anime are the last two girls from?

  4. Ooh lovely read! And I’m super honored to have been mentioned as part of your yuri history. ^ ^

    “Yuri appeals to my softer side, where I like cute stuff, the sensitive stuff and such. Yuri is also extensively interesting to me because I enjoy stories that focus on the character’s interactions instead of their actions.”

    Yes, that’s actually one of my favorite things about yuri as well. The soft vibes. The sensitivity.

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