A Look Back at the Winter Season 2012

Hey! Guess what? I’m actually still alive! After being cooped up for so long and having seen quite a bit of the spring season, I asked the other writers if we could do a wrap-up of Winter and voice our opinions of the shows we watched.

The usual eye-catching picture =D

And contrary to the usual thing about Winter being cold, ours was as hot as… hmm… Ririchiyo in stockings? If you have not noticed, I’m a very lenient rater so my rating for anime will seem rather high, but I look at it from a really wide perspective. How much I liked and enjoyed the show xD てへぺろ (・ω<) The other writers will be adding opinions too so pardon the really random scores.

Pretty interesting pic,no?

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Sleepy: Nichibros. A show I planned to watch for the kicks and it did surprise me on how a stupid and lame comedy could be. Which is why I loved it so much. The humour is really really lame at times, but that’s what makes it so interesting for me. I mean it astounds me how funny my life can actually be if I did all those stuff. (I mean I only do some.)

Rating? 9/10

Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai

Sleepy: “Oi-tan!”That show that everybody expected to be nothing more than a moe-blob. Turns out to be touching at parts and funny at others. The moe is definitely there and some characters lean on that edge of being called moe-blobs (Miu and Hina *Cough*) but still the ending caught me really off guard and it did amaze and soothed my already warm heart. Yes I have no delicacy whatsoever.

The show managed to shock me out of the expected stereotype I had for it and although there was plenty of moe, the balanced it out with a good (cant say fantastic) plot and lovable characters.

Rating? 9/10

Selcouth: Well this was what I love watching. Simple story, great portrayal of reality. Shows the tough moments in life very well, also including the best moments in life that you can get. One of the best in this season.

Rating: 9.5/10

New Prince of Tennis

Sleepy: Magical tennis where people can hit 8+ balls at one go (SPOILER!) I had so very pathetic expectations for this show. Moral of the story is that sometimes even though you might think it sucks, it will surprise you. The plot is simple, like all action shows, but it came packed with great action and values. It’s like a 2-in1 pack of the secret medicine to MANLINESS.

For that pleasant surprise and a sports value learning session…

Rating: 8/10

Black★Rock Shooter

Found this picture really meaningful

Sleepy: Had rather high hopes for this, though not the “OH MY GAWD!” kind of anime, the action scenes were really enjoyable and the characters are so extremely very superbly lovable. Cough… Cough… STRength… Cough… Cough. That simple combination did capture my heart and I enjoyed this show immensely, a huge step forward from the OVA, I gave it a…

Rating: 9/10

Selcouth: If I were to put it, this is an anime which requires you to dig deep within your head to understand what the characters are saying at times. Surely this puts the ones which are not so good in their language to go bang their heads, but I am of course, just suggesting that thought. The anime has pretty much a lot of graphic effects that reflect similarly to Guilty Crown. Both have that, but this was more confusing than I had initially thought, but I had managed to get a hold on this logic of theirs. Pretty decent one, this.

Rating: 8.5/10

CyborgCommunist: Whilst this show was intensely enjoyable, it is not my favourite show of the season. However, Black Rock Shooter did live up to my expectations. The plot was rather decent and I found the character interactions to be well done. The action scenes were superb and made it fun to watch on the overall.

Rating: 10/10

Inu x Boku SS

Sleepy: I was not planning on watching this show initially, but after checking up on MAL, the presence of Hikasa Youko, Hanazawa Kana and Hidaka Rina. Gave it a go and must say was satisfied. I did not really enjoy romances much, but this was a great paradigm shift. The romances in this show can be termed “sweet”. It is not your whole big love relationship thing, but a more “realistic” story of people struggling to admit they like each other.

I’m a complete greenhorn to anime so I definitely do not have that much exposure to romances but this anime has shown me that they do make rather realistic romances that suit a teen with raging hormones like me.

So I have to give it a 9.5/10.

CyborgCommunist: I was not really looking forward to this anime during the onset of the Winter anime season but I picked it up anyway on the recommendation of a few of my Twitter pals and SleepySlacker. At first, the anime did disappoint me and I found it hard to find a reason to watch the newest episode every week. It was rather boring. However, it picked up nearer the end and did deliver a rather decent ending albeit an expected one.

Rating: 9/10

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Cute~ the only reason why I chose this picture. Cute~

Sleepy: One of the disappointments of the seasons for me. The first episode was a great start with a dark theme of death smacking us in the face. But it just went downhill. Pointless episodes, meaningless character interaction and fights. Then near the end it peaked up just slightly with nice music and cool characters. But in the end… it crashed. I can take one revival, maybe two. But three throughout the series knocks this anime back a lot. I will say great music, but they tried too hard to emulate greater animes like Madoka and the like.

So in the end… 6/10

CyborgCommunist: This anime was absolutely suffering to watch. It was just sheer crap to me. The music wasn’t all that great in my opinion and the graphics were rather…shoddily done. The actions scenes were pretty interesting but every single one of the characters made me want to regurgitate my meals. And don’t get me started on the plot. I dropped this at episode 7 after I decided to give it a little longer after episode 4. I regret doing that.

Rating: 6/10 – Dropped

Amagami SS+

Selcouth: I’m more interested in romance anime (Yes I really d0) so this was certainly the one that I was totally looking forward to, given the success of the prequel. This anime is pretty unique, with arcs to depict every heroine there is to this, so I was jumping for joy when watching every arc of this sequel. AIC did pretty well as the sequel, if not, even better, so I’ll have to go top notch on this.

Rating: 10/10 ( I simply love it to this extent)

Guilty Crown

Just to piss everyone off I'll go with the bikini group-shot

Selcouth: Ah, well, this wasn’t that good. Nevertheless, the Vibrant Graphics were stunning to look at, despite the (horrible?) plot. I find some moments that make sense, unlike some who were banging their heads on the table, trying to figure out what the story is trying to put it across. I did not enjoy the story that much but it’s really just the graphics themselves and the music that kept this anime afloat till the end.


CyborgCommunist: On first impressions, this show was a let down and unpredictable. The plot was rather bland and predictable and the worst part was how the show climbed and dipped every couple of episodes. I would be thoroughly liking an episode but the next episode would be a pile of sod. However, I did enjoy the show on the overall for what it was, an action anime with amazing graphics and good music. You guys can all look forward to my post about Guilty Crown soon that will be posted on AOIA and InterestSOAP with my full impressions.

Rating: 8/10


Arararararararagi's Harem

Sleepy: Wow, nearly forgot about this one. It ended so early! An anime I looked forward to a lot and it did not let me down. Quirky conversations and vivid visuals with eye catching animation. Everything I wanted to expect from the sequel of Bakemonogatari was satisfied. This sequel managed to completely bring across the essence of its predecessor, where you can jubilantly spot the little trivia here and here. Plus, the music for the anime is fantastic as usual with ClariS singing the ED theme “Naisho no Hanashi” which was just ear-gasmic. (Fine, I’m ClariS fanboy, so?)

Not everyone finds this anime awesome, but the ones who find it awesome find it awesome.

Selcouth: Not much of a driven plot. Honestly, I don’t know what this anime is trying to bring across. Either way, it is a joy to watch at times and some very interesting scenes, if I were to mention it.


Rinne No Lagrange

No idea about this show at all. -Sleepy

Selcouth: Not what I had expected. To be honest, I was really impressed with everything Rinne No Lagrange has to offer : Music, Graphic Effects, simple yet interesting storyline. I’d give it a good one.

Rating:10/10 (What’s the 10 for,eh?)

CyborgCommunist: The most enjoyable show of the season. It did start of a bit slow but it picked up rather quickly without being too abrupt. While the plot is rather bland and predictable, the character’s and their interactions was what brought the show to life. To me, this anime was a gem. Although I was not looking forward to this at first, I grew to love it and it’s characters. Carillius’s post on AOIA about Rinne No Lagrange shares a lot of my sentimentalities about the show.

Rating: 10/10

Mirai Nikki

Selcouth: If you’d read the manga, expect not much difference in this. Actually, there isn’t any, if I were to put it storywise. Fan of gore? Like a little bit of humour and horror? This is certainly the one for you.


Zero No Tsukaima Final

Selcouth: After watching the past few seasons with the one before this final season having an abrupt end, I had expected this to be coming. Same old harem moments ( much to my frustration ) and medieval setting left me bored all the way….Until the ending came along. It was great. I have to admit, I thought it was going to have yet another harem ending. I am delighted that it pulled through without any of that anymore.

Rating: 9.5/10


I didn't feel like using a darker themed picture so here's a Nisemonogatari reference with Misaki Mei

CyborgCommunist: This show was simply unsettling to watch. I’m not a man who handles Horror very well and I never understood why people would want to watch Gore films. To sum up Another, it’s the animated version of Final Destination in Japanese. I thought it would have a decent plot but I gave up on that after episode 8. It just seems to be the mindless deaths of the characters. The ending was actually rather anit-climatic even though I thought it was apt. But I do have to say the graphics were rather well done.

Rating: 8/10


Too funny XD

CyborgCommunist: Once again, this was another show that I was not really looking forward too at the start of the Autumn season last year. However, I decided to give it a try anyway and I have to say, Chihayafuru far surpassed my expectations (And many other’s as well from what I have gleamed from Twitter). Although the basic concept isn’t very exciting, the show was done very well, mainly the characters and their interactions. The plot is also rather decent. One of the best things about this anime was the emotions of the characters. It was an incredibly enjoyable and light-hearted show to watch.

Rating: 9/10

Last Exile: Fam of Silver Wing

CyborgCommunist: Next to Fate Zero, this was the other show I greatly anticipated from the Autumn season. Although Fate Zero was definitely a great anime to watch, Last Exile wins my favour as the best show of Autmn and Winter. Currently, it is my favourite anime and I can’t wait to start watching Last Exile when I find the time to marathon it. The plot was intricately wrought and yet not so complicated to the extent it became hard to understand or confusing. Once again, I mainly loved the show for the character interactions. But by far, the most fun aspect of the show to watch was the awe-inspiring graphics. I am someone who loves Science Fiction a lot but I also love Steampunk. This show combined many of the things I loved into a complete whole. Steampunk, Science Fiction, Flying, Yuri (You’ll know what I mean if you watch it) and a very smooth plot. In fact, this was one of those rare shows where I was sad the “bad” guy had to die even though he was fighting for a good cause, just with rather diabolical methods.

Rating: 10/10


So as a season ends, another begins. By this time the post gets posted, the Spring will have started and you will be enjoying the new shows that come with it. Hope to see you again for the wrap-up of Spring. By the way, not all the pics were chosen by me… (Especially the ecchi ones)


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  1. You really are lenient. I always thought I was pretty lenient. Personally I gave Guilty Crown, BRS, and Another a 7 lol.

  2. i found Guilty Crown awesome like Code geas ,but of course COde geas is the best anime ever

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