Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A First Impression

Since the anime I have been waiting for the most, why not do a first impression about it so I can expose all of you people to my crazy and insane (those two have the same meaning) fanboyism. So here you go, impressions of Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A.

Everyone loves swimsuit shots don't you?

After watching the first Saki, I got into the whole mahjong thing and have been playing online mahjong for quite a bit so I can safely say that I (somewhat) know what on earth I am talking about. So enough of my bull-crap… on to the impressions.

The main premise of Side-A (that will be my short from) is that this is was from around when Nodoka (Nodocchi) won the Middle School Prefecture title and the mahjong friends she made from that time. Basically due to her parent’s jobs she moved, left her friends and won. (Pardon the singlish please) Her friends see already not happy, so they go make their own mahjong club go fight with her.

The characters that I want to talk about are the main mahjong girls. Takakamo the main character and all. Ako, the logic player who I think plays mahjong the logical and calculative way. And Kuro, the “senior” one (“__” cause her older sister is joining) No much is said about their special abilities except for Kuro whose power is what I named “Dora-Magnet” where she gets all the doras.

The characters are all unique in their own ways, a bit of the usual stereotype but still I like it. I am a fanboy so my words are kinda… you know… fanboy like so pardon all of that. But the characters are likeable in their own ways  I mean Kuro taking care of the clubroom already made me feel touched. I mean all your friends left but you man the fort all by yourself? And the way Ako returned? Sometimes simple thinks like this make me feel so touched… Anyways, I cannot wait to see the whole 5 (wo)man team being formed and either playing mahjong or doing cute stuff, both of which I do not mind.

Sniff sniff to the great amount of devotion and patience that girl has. And the fact Hanakana voices her.

So basically is, this show is completely pointless unless you already watched the original Saki if not you will really have no idea what this show is talking about. From what I heard this show has a lot less mahjong content so if you don’t get the game it is ok. In other words, just please watch the show. (See? I added please) Thank you.

The ED for this episode is the OP for the series sung by Stylips another seiyuu group who will be voicing one of the opponent teams. The OP animation is nice and nostalgic, showing you the old Saki girls and Saki’s boss mode engaging. (Lightning… *ZAA ZAAA*) So rather like it. Seiyuu-wise we have Yuuki Aoi as the main girl Takakamo and Hanazawa Kana as Kuro. In other words, I completely love it =D.

2 more people and the action BEGINS

Finally verdict, the show looks good to me as I have Saki Glasses on but I have high expectations for it and hope to see more of it soon. The direction of the show is settled, now all that is left is to enjoy the journey and see what happens at the end. So as a side story, it connects really well with the Original and if you liked the original, watch it. If not this anime is not for you. So… is Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A even on your watch list? If it is not, is it on now???

So Side-A moe pics up yet so make do with this will ya?


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