Spring First impressions: Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

For this season, I have only decided to pick up 4 shows so it’s goes without saying that the anticipation for them is really high. @fkeroge’s post on Fate/Zero sums up my thoughts on Fate/Zero pretty well and I might be writing a post on Jormungand soon. But today’s post would be on Tasogare Otome X Amensia.

Out of the 4 selected anime this season, I’ve read the manga for 2 of them. I recently read Jormungand to it’s latest volume and it’s just non-stop excitement and just awesome action scenes. The other I’ve read was Tasogare Otome X Amnesia and I’m still undecided which I enjoyed more. But whilst Jormungand appealed more to my feral side that screams “LET’S KILL EVERYONE WITH AN ASSAULT RIFLE!!!!!!!”, Tasogare appealed more to my logical brain due to it’s theme of mystery and also a hint of controversy.

To give a quick outline of the plot, Tasogare is about the story of Yuuko, a girl’s ghost who roams the school Teichii attends. It’s unknown how Yuuko ended up “haunting” (You’ll know why those are in quotations marks if you read the manga) and hence, that’s most of the plot of the manga/anime. As Teichii digs deeper into Yuuko’s past, more supernatural problems begin showing themselves forth to them.

As a general rule, I don’t normally enjoy Horror themed show. If I can get scared to hell by Zombies appearing in Minecraft, an extremely shocking horror show would have me yelling expletives for a rather long time as I watched it. However, I made an exception for Tasogare when I first heard of the manga. I just found the main premise of the story too interesting to ignore. Not to mention, the picture of Yuuko used was also rather appealing and captured my attention.

With the my expectations set rather high by the well-done manga, I had some apprehension when watching the first episode of Tasogare as I feared I might dislike it if failed to meet my expectations.

I would say the graphics surely did not match my expectations as I did set it rather unrealistically high (after Fate/Zero and Guilty Crown, I was rather all for visual appeal). I would say the animation is rather decent though but overall, I thought the animation and graphics did not really affect my thoughts of the anime. It did manage to deliver the actions and emotions of the characters well.

Hyper? Or over-reactive?

She's cold but dere XD


For one thing, I would say they managed to nail the more light-hearted side of the manga that is present throughout most chapters. However, I hope they do managed to capture the essence of the more serious, darker sides just as well as they did for the light-heartedness, keeping true to the manga.

One of the things that amused me to a great extent was Keichii’s voice. When reading the manga, I kind of created an impression of Keichii and when he first spoke in the first episode, I burst out laughing. I surely did NOT imagine him with such a high-pitched voice. But this was arather trivial matter and I did not annoy me at all. Just amusing to no end. With such a voice, they surely created the perfect shota for Yuuko to chase more. Not only is he M (But still assertive, just not to Yuuko), he’s also shorter than her. And her junior (By like a few decades).

At this point, I began laughing

Personally, I thought they managed to depict all the main cast’s personalities rather well. Momoe was just as hyper as she was in the manga and Kirie was still rather cold. Yuuko was just as playful (and ero~) as she was in the manga and Keichii is rather awkward at times, although assertive.

Another thing that I found rather interesting was the “double” scenes. They would play through a section of the episode without showing the presence of Yuuko (for she is a ghost) then playing the same sections except Yuuko is shown. For some reason, I found this rather interesting to watch. However, I hope they do not continue this too much the anime. Especially if they do it for particularly long sections of the show. The viewers have to watch the same section twice just to have Yuuko added. Whilst not particularly bad, I do hope they shorten such things and perhaps only show the highlights of the scenes with Yuuko shown.



Overall, I found that it was a rather good first episode. Not the best I’ve seen but surely new and refreshing to watch. And since it’s on a manga I loved, there’s no way I would dislike it that much unless it really proved itself to be a pile of sod (kinda like Kannazuki no Miko’s anime).

To end it off, I have to commend that for the amazing song they used. I think it might the OP for the series but I’m still addicted to it. Sounds great and it’s lyrics fit the plot really well.

Well, as usual, I took too many screenshots…..

And she's right next to ya

look, she's there!

The CG is really good though



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  1. Interesting first episode, and probably the best OP of the season so far.

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