Welcome AniBlog readers!!


Why hello there new readers. I’m assuming you clicked on the link of out blog and was teleported here by the magics of the Internet.

Either way, you’re here now so why not enjoy your time looking through our fine selection of wares. Some might be poorly crafted (like my first 10 or so posts) but they all look good on a glance (thank you Imageboards and my addiction to browsing them).


Overall, we try to give voice to our own opinions and create somewhat intellectually stimulating posts. Perhaps we have succeeded but it’s rather difficult to judge such things, for they can only be justified by the writer him/herself.


We sincerely hope you enjoy your time here in our humble asylum. You better make yourself comfortable though. I heard once you enter the looney ward, they aren’t willing to let you leave.


Chocolate denial!!

If you liked our content, consider throwing a vote our way in the AniBlog Tourney. Then perhaps caregivers will allow you more lucidity and consciousness with less powerful sedatives.

It’s a shame we’re going up against SnippetTee in the first round because I enjoy her blog a lot and kinda look up to it.



Posted on April 25, 2012, in Anime, Manga, Otaku-ism, Writing and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Not psychotic enough => False advertising.

    Still got my vote though.

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