The Saki Superpowers!

I’ve been really stumped lately from over thinking about my academics and with the ani-blogging tourney coming out and seeing a tweet on twitter, I guess doing this will be fun. Like the title says, I will be compiling/boring you about the (super)natural abilities of the Saki girls, you know, whenever you see lightning sparkle from someone’s eye or hand, you know sh*t is going down. Hope you enjoy this little compilation ad that it makes a good read.

Glowing eyes, Lightning... You know... the like

Rinshan (Effing) Kaihou
The most well known one of them all. The power (and the name of the way she wins) of the “non-official” god of mahjong Miyanaga Saki, which is to manage to get a tsumo (win off a tile you drew yourself) from getting a kan and drawing from the dead wall. And the mahjong term for this is “Rinshan Kaihou” which means “A Flower Blooming on the Moutain Top”. And she can do it… whenever she freaking kans. The thing is it is already hard enough to get a kan in a game but to completely rely on kans and get rinshan kaihous as your game style is godly.

The distinct sign you know you are effed.

Plus you need to add in the fact from @fkeroge kindly provided me with that Saki’s “power” lies in her insane starting hands and her high probability of getting a tile she needs when she declares kan.

No wonder the anime is named after her. The winning tiles just love her so much that they all want to go into her hand and let her win.

Just a little peek at goddess-lyness

Haite Rouyue
The power of our cute monster Koromo and it literally means to “Scoop Up the Moon”. To win this you need to draw and tsumo the last tile in the entire game on your own to win. For this style to work, Koromo also has another ability which I would like to call “Tenpai Blocker” which she prevents anyone else from acheiving tenpai (one tile from winning), this way the game will be delayed until she can Haite. Though it can be countered by drawing off the dead wall as Saki so kindly demonstrated, still it is monstrous as it is.

@fkeroge’s wise words, “Koromo’s ability is more connected to her cruel playing style and her ability to prevent others from getting tenpai, as well as adjusting the flow of the game so that she will be the last one to draw from the wall, increasing her chances of getting a haitei.”

She looks a LOT cuter when she's not serious ^^;

East Wind/South Wind Domination
This just means the people of these two styles have a lot of momentum during the East and South round respectively. But the disadvantage is that you end up sucking really bad in the other rounds. Only two users are Kataoka Yuki for the East round and Kazue Nanpo for the South round.

Dramatic Look Change = Power-Ups

Mahjong Memory
Ability of Someya Mako which she got from watching so many mahjong games at her grandpa’s cafe that she can expect what will happen next from her memory of watching those games. She usually takes off her glasses when she does that and ends up having a rather moe look (just saying). This style can be countered by newbie players who end up doing weird things that mess her up.

Those eyes have seen many many things... (if you know what I mean >;.>;)

Pure Logic
Not a “supernatural” power, just the good old fashion way of simple logic and playing magjong the way normal people would, albeit in a really really pro way. I guess you would already know the users of this style right? That’s everyone without a named ability seeing it is the way you’re supposed to play the game. Users range from Haramura Nodoka to Kajiki Yumi and many more.

Hmm... not really much of a oppai person. *shrugs*

Deathy Hell-Waits
The strategy/style of the clib president Takei Hisa herself. The style is to end up waiting for just ONE type of tile and only one of them not thrown out yet. It’s a risky wait but it seriously messes up with your opponents mind when you do win. Though some people can end up predicting it and blocking you, but she manages the drawback well with her quick thinking and great logical strategies.

Look at her coolness..... one of my favourites for the whole season

Presence Hiding
The result if Akari from Yuru Yuri takes up mahjong. No-one notices you or your tiles… until you strike them with a win right under their noses. Who knew having a lack of presence could be so deadly? The counter for this is just some people (or Saki) who are used to online mahjong and do not fall for these (jedi)-mindtricks. Used by the presence-less Momoko Touyoko.

Pity my lack of presence in real life is not this useful

Feeling the Flow
Enables Inoue Jun to feel the flow of the other players and end up knowing when your opponent is going to win and block them appropriately and messing up their flow. Again this can be countered by online mahjong-ers who do not believe in this kind of mumbo jumbo. Also can be defeated by someone who reads the game better than you.

Sitting in Lotus position let's you be one with the tiles... and then you can hear the tiles telling you things.....

The Sapphire Eyes
One of the special abilities that I find the most cool, used by Fukuji Mihoko, it lets her be able to annalyse the entire game, judge what are the tiles that her opponents need to win and mess up their plans just by looking at all sorts of small details. To “activate” this power, she opens her right eye which she usually keeps closed. Cause she has heterochromia (different coloured eyes), left: reddish-gold and right: sapphire blue, keeping one eye closed seems like a good way to avoid drawing attention. But like what the Hisa said, I find those eyes of hers “HNNNNG”-able.

Another of my favourite characters ^^ I mean look at that eye, I wonder what else it can notice...

Beginner’s Luck
The one that no-one really saw coming. Do I need to even explain? For un-explainable reasons a beginner has never seen before luck and ends up thrashing pros. A seriously realistic power seeing it exists in our daily lives and one both make people laugh from the suddeness or get pissed at. Only one known character, Kaori Senoo.

When beginners win.

Dora Magnet
The newest power to be seen in the new season. Used by Matsumi Kuro (who is voiced by Kanazawa Kana \(^o^)/ ) it is exactly what it says. It lets Kuro get all the doras (red ones or the normal ones) in the game, hmm, if she somehow manages to win against Saki, imagine the number of doras she gets from those kan opening up doras. The disadvantage is that as the doras are random and may come from completely different suits, she cannot really get those giant wins.

HanaKana's voice.... UWAAAAAA


Hope you will like this little compilation of mine. If I made any mistakes or left out something out feel free to tell me. Or somehow this post interested you, feel free to like/comment/vote us for the aniblog tourney. Sorry for the blatant advertisement and have a nice moe day with some Saki moe.

Its hypnotising


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  1. First: Miyafuji Saki – Miyanaga Saki

    Second: Neither Rinshan Kaihou nor Haitei Raoyue are abilities. They are mahjong yaku, much like hands in poker. Saki’s “power” lies in her insane starting hands and her high probability of getting a tile she needs when she declares kan. Koromo’s ability is more connected to her cruel playing style and her ability to prevent others from getting tenpai, as well as adjusting the flow of the game so that she will be the last one to draw from the wall, increasing her chances of getting a haitei.

    Third: Kuro does not only get your ordinary dora tiles, she also manages to gather up the red dora… those special red tiles in each suit. Dora do not count as yaku, so you cannot win with dora alone.

    • points taken, I will get started on the changes asap, but arent Koromo’s and Saki’s way of consitently rinshan-ing and haitei-ing considered pwoers?

      • A rinshan kaihou is a feat achieved by drawing a winning tile after declaring a kan, while haitei raoyue is winning via tsumo with the last tile on the dead wall. They’re not exactly powers, but they are the yaku that Saki and Koromo prefer when they win.

        Also, rinshan kaihou means: “a flower that blooms on the ridge”, not the mountaintop, and haitei raoyue means: “to scoop up the reflection of the full moon from the seabed”. Just saying.

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