Shining Hearts ~Shiawase No Pan~

Gotta Love The Illustration!

At long last, we have an anime illustrated by Tony Taka which isn’t Hentai! I’ve seen a couple of his works, if not, a whole lot of them. I liked how each of every one of them looked, especially the female characters that look ever so well. I’ve seen a couple of his *ehem* animation works and it looked pretty nice to watch as well, so I backed this anime ever since it was set to be animated and televised. One thing that I find in particular : it was adapted from the visual novel so this is another one of my posts which are again, based on visual novels, despite not even playing it. Some of the visual novels have turned out to be a hit when they are animated, so why not this one as well?

The main characters who start off the series. Rick’s on the top left.

On to the story, the anime starts with a seemingly peaceful environment. I always love having a peaceful start to every anime. This anime certainly knows how to keep me entertained as well, with a male protagonist which doesn’t look to shabby. Of course, the main girls ( including Kaguya ) look stunning. This one certainly fits the bill, knowing how good Tony Taka is at illustrating girls :3 Looking at that, let’s see what we have so far. Here’s my views on some of the characters. Time to take your pick!

Neiris Filiam

Neiris Filiam. My favourite of the series. It was a hard pick, but she’s still a hot favorite of mine despite the other girls being relatively nice as well. Seems to stand out more than Amil and Airy.

Manaflare Amil

Manaflare Amil. Nice and serious at times. She seems to be the one who blushes a lot so far. Take a guess why.

Ardet Airy

Ardet Airy. A church girl who loves being around Rick, Amil and Neris. Kind and caring.

Rick Elwood

Rick Elwood. He’s good really good at making bread. The three girls, Neris, Amil and Airy are the ones selling them most of the time. There’s more to him than making bread though. The four run a shop called Le Coeur ( if I were to spell it right!) . He knows little of who he actually is when he was washed ashore on the island. Call it amnesia.

Only known by her first name, Kaguya. Appeared on the shore of the island on the 2nd episode and introduced herself (vaguely) on the third. Having just appeared the same way as Rick did, I’m sure that there’s a connection with him and Kaguya. Hey, even Rick mentioned it, didn’t he? Her pendant seems to gain a lot of attention.

Also has amnesia.

Shaomei Rin

Shaomei Rin. So far she’s only made little appearance in the anime so it’s uncertain who she is. One thing’s for sure : She’s Chinese, and a pretty hot one. Apologies as I had only managed to point out a few as of  now since like the rest of us writers, we are not so privileged with time at the moment. With this being a 12 episode series, I just wonder how this is going to end.

Also, I noticed that all the names are quite hard to remember except for a few, but that’s the only problem I have with this anime. Anything else is just to my liking. Very nice characters, nothing of pure violence and a pretty nice backdrop to boot. I’d definitely recommend it to those who love such genres.

It sticks true to its name. It isn’t dubbed as the ~Bread Of Happiness~ for nothing.


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  1. I thought this show was a let down since I hoped that it would be more exciting. But now, I’m enjoying it more for the atmosphere and art. However, that still doesn’t disguise the fact that plot is pretty much non-existent

  2. I like what the show is trying to do. More relaxing shows like Aria the Animation are very welcome. However, even though nothing really happens in either show, Aria is just much more interesting.

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