Significance of OPs and EDs

In a bid to push a little bit for the tourney(which ended already xP) (and have a little fun myself), I chose the most fun posts out of my “to post” list. A post about one of the little thigs that people overlook. To a certain extent the openings and to a HUGE extent the ending themes.

Usual Eye-Catcher. Drink some hot chocolate... it'll make you feel all warm inside.

Is there something about these that make them get skipped each time you watch an episode. If you’re marathoning a whole season I will understand, but even for weekly episodes people still skip them. Have we really became so impatient that we really fail to notice the wide variety of enjoyment found in the OP and ED? Ok, sometimes I admit I do skip the EDs mostly from laziness, but I nowadays I make the point to actually listen to them to the end, you might find the EDs really nice to listen to.

Screenshot Number 1: What OP?ED is this? (I start with the easiest) *evil laugh*

For me, (and me alone, cause I have weird opinions) the OP is like your first contact with the anime. Most of the Preview Videos for an anime has the OP used as a background music and already then I will be judging the show and thinking if it is worth watching. Nowadays when most anime companies choose to hold back the playing of the OP, I end up looking forward to the next episode even more. (which is saying a lot) How about you, dear random person checking out the blog?

Sreenshot Number 2! Can you guess it?

Then the EDs, if someone skips the OP, he/she/me will end up ending before the ending starts playing. (see what I did there?) The only thing most people hear is the intro of the ED and “BAM!” close window or press the “next episode” hyperlink. I’m sure there are a feel bad EDs out there, but give it a go, listening it somewhat gives me a feel like then anime is saying goodbye, only to return with a hello from the OP.

Screenshot Number 3! This one is a tough one... Muahahahaha

Most people who skip the OPs do not really miss anything out, but those who close after the ED end up missing maybe a short scene, or you know, the epilogue of the entire season if somehow they were smart enough to do that for the last episode. How much that poor dude will miss out. >.>

Screenshot Number 4! Not sure if this is very easy or very hard.

So what was the point of me typing out that whole crap? To troll you of course the point is that I want you, fellow anime lover to give the OPs and EDs a go for this season and see if that changes your experience of the whole thing.

The final one! Can you guess it? I made it extremely hard. (That's what she said)

To prove my point I do what every court case needs. Evidence.

The final ED of Angel Beats. The scene with all the characters slowly fading away definitely brought tears to many (including me) people’s eyes.

God.. this made me relive that sad, touching moment. (moment of silence please)

The way Bakemonogatari’s ED ended up being connected to one of the episodes. (About the whole thing of going to see stars.) Finding out just makes you want to squirm with excitement.

No subs though… I wanted to show you more of the animations anyway.

Finding out that the little girl’s lower body you see (no innuendos implied) in CLANNAD: After Story was actually Ushio. I sort of screammed when I did find out ^^;

Haiyore Nyauruko-san!’s OP which flooded Tweeter with people going (」・ω・)」うー!(/・ω・)/にゃー!

I had to add that one in… Heheheh…

See? OPs and EDs can make anime watching so freaking awesome that you can spot the little bits and pieces the anime companies put in for you to find. So if for some reason you find that a good idea or that I (bored/offended/wasted your time/actually led you to think about what I said) in this post tell me how to improve or your thoughts. For some entertainment, you can attempt to guess the screenshots of the OPs and EDs that I took. Person who guess all of them gets… the satisfaction that they managed to. ^^ As usual, I will leave you with the doctor’s prescription of moe.

Woops, I think that was as overdose.


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  1. While I agree that OPs and EDs are great, there are some that are not really worth listening to (which, of course, depends entirely on taste). I can’t remember the ones that I didn’t like, but I do remember the ones that I love, like Canvas (Eureka 7), Memoria (FateZero), Alone (Gensomaden Saiyuki), Magia (PMMM), Hacking to the Gate (S;G), and many more.

    Point is, the better the OPs and/or EDs, the more effort has been placed (at least, that’s how most of the epic OPs and EDs came about,) in the making of the anime.

    • sleepynoyume

      the bad ones just don’t really get remembered lol. Yeah those are all great OPs and EDs… Did you manage to guess the screen shots?

  2. I can guess all the screenshots, but I dunno if I should post it here and spoil it..

  3. Screenshot #1: K-ON!! ED2 – No, Thank You!
    Screenshot #2: Kamisama no Memochou OP – Kawaru Mirai
    Screenshot #3: Moshidora OP – Yume Note
    Screenshot #4: Ro-Kyu-Bu! OP – SHOOT!
    Screenshot #5: Steins;Gate ED – Tokitsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku

    • sleepynoyume

      i applaud you… i thought the later few were rather hard. (the first one was there because of…) Time to up the game for the next few posts.

  4. Lol, my knowledge is limited to recent ongoing OPs and EDs.. So don’t have too high expectations..

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