Anime To Real Life?

Sorry for the premature posting that cheated several of you of your feelings, my WordPress App for my phone is rather trollish. A rather contreversial question that I chose, both sides do have their strong points and I will do this in the most impartial random way that I can.

He~ey! Over Heere =D

Anime can be applied.

The many values that we get from watching anime can be applied rather usefully to real life. Certain values, not the ones you get from watching Highschool DxD and the like. I mean the whole protecting friends and friendship is good, you learn to appreciate your friends more and have fun drinking tea and eating cake together. The list can really go on but I will give you examples and my explanations to make my job easier.

Ok, this will do well in the real world. *Tries to grab through the screen*

Tamayura Hitotose
The photography tips in this show are legit. I am not kidding. As weird as it sounds, feeling the feeling you want to be in the photo as you take it do help. BUT… Tamayura do not exist. If they do, its called severe mold in your lens. I said that many times.. but probably I’m a little (a lot) jealous of Potte and her ability.

The mahjong as everyone know is legit and so are the playing styles. The Club’s President Style of hell waits are effective as the come and very effective when actually playing the game.

Then of course there is the whole understanding of people. To a certain extent from watching those cute girlies you can actually learn from certain aspects the way people think. After all, these characters are based of one aspect of a person, mashed them together and you get the idea. But please never assume that they are one and the same, 2D and 3D will never ever mix, despite how much we want them to.

A Big No-no in real life.

Then there are things that you should never attempt. I have to admit though, the things that happen in anime that you should never learn and apply in real life is a much longer list than the first one. (They just have to add in those weird parts don’t they) Of course most of us have the direct sense to know that certain things just cannot happen, but let’s see how entertaining it can get if I were to list some of them.

The result if you cannot tell apart 2D from 3D

If that really happened IRL, I will be shocked and my jaw will drop to the depths of hell. Is it really humanely possible for girls to try to seduce their step-brother and doing all kinds of ecchi things possible? It is already hard enough to get a girl to go out with you (not speaking from experience seeing I have none) but to end up doing those stuff? No offence, but if you think that this is possible, enjoy Forever Alone Day everyday.

This one is here just for the kicks. Yes it is a fantastic show, take out all the time travelling stuff and zoom in on one point. Who in the right mind will experiment with micro-waves and who in their left mind will watch their friend do it and help? This is the stuff that kids watch, imitate and die and Anime gets a bad name.

Talking about giving a bad name…

Now if you have not really noticed this by now, this is more or less a joke mixed with randomness. But it will be interesting to think about. What happens if this really does happen IRL and we are one of the people in the background not noticing that it is happening right underneath out noses? Could life really be this interesting and flashy? Sorry for the randomness and enjoy your moe. Feel free to tell me how this wasted your time and I will think of more time wasting posts =D.

ClariS with OreImo…. Not bad….


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