Who says all zombies are horrid? *Sankarea*

I have been reading the manga for months before the anime was set to be aired, so I had a feeling that there would be an anime for it planned sooner or later. Sure enough, it came and started airing a few weeks ago. So how has the show been doing? Same as what the manga had in store for me : an entertaining one to watch and read for both of them.

While this anime packs some gore, it uses that aspect not to such extent that it would put people off at least, for me. The zombie aspect was very new to me as well. Whatever it has in store for the anime, let’s say I’m enjoying every minute of it.

A little bit of fanservice XD

Well, not ‘every’ minute of it.

It was sad to see Sankarea die again, as this follows from the manga in which she fell to her death thanks to her very…loving…father which screwed up pretty much most of Sankarea’s childhood. It was like watching hentai but with not so malicious intent on child abuse. One thing’s for sure. He was weird. Don’t even need to mention his wife. Oh my!

So that’s Sankarea’s family for you. Furuya Chihiro’s family, fortunately is very far off from Sankarea’s but with some sad moments to share as well. Furuya’s mother died when he was much younger, young enough to not bring him down to earth at that age. However, Babu’s death came as a shock to him (who wouldn’t be?) and you know what they normally do in this situation. One thing to note, he has a very nice imouto and also a very nice relative who calls herself an onee-chan of Furuya (take a hint).

This anime is just one of those which mostly has a very sad and gloomy feel to it. Yes, there’s plenty of drama with some comedy and fanservice ( episode 5 justifies that! ). I also find her carnal desire quite, arousing…

As with every other anime that I’ve picked up and watched throughout, I’m keen on seeing every episode on the series. Opening and ending credits fit the bill in this pretty decent anime. “nano.RIPE” who did the song for the opening in this anime, with opening and ending credits for Hanasaku Iroha and an upcoming anime by AIC have pretty melodious tunes as well as the vocals. Not that I understand Japanese, I just like how their lyrics seem to be on song with the tune. Of course, that’s just me. The song featured in the ending credits by Annabel is also a soothing tune to hear. Nothing brilliant, just a soothing song to end the episode. A good way to end an episode, I must say.

While my post ends here for now, here’s the Opening and Ending Credits to  top it all off. Sankarea is such a beauty, isn’t she?


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  1. I agree with your opinion of this anime. I have to admit I look forward to the episode coming out each week. I quite like the opening theme. It was sad to see her die but now she can have fun as a zombie ^.^ I haven’t read the manga but I might give it a go.

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