The End of K-ON!(manga)

Now, if you guys have no heard about it yet. It’s official. It’s in black and white. Now, according to this MyAnimeList thread, it has been confirmed that the K-ON! manga is indeed ending despite a revival mid last year. As a die-hard K-ON! fan as all of you may have already guessed, this is more or less close to a tragedy.

It is seriously not my style to use such ecchi pictures, but this suits the mood best.

Let me do a brief summary of the history of the great moe work of art K-ON!. It started back in May 2007 and was by the mangaka Kakifly. The manga ended once Yui and the rest left the school for college on the 9th of September 2010 but after so much buzz and love for the anime, Kakifly revived it on 8th April 2011 for Yui and rest’s live in college while another was released on the 28th of April 2011 for Azusa’s side of the story. But now, it is completely over and is expected to end next month.

This revived of my life.

Sniff. No I am not crying or feeling emotional or anything.

To be honest, i did not even know the manga existed before I watched the anime, however, I did pick it up and read the whole thing once I rewatched the entire 2 seasons twice. It has the exact same charms that brought me to love the anime and gave me the K-ON! that was missing in my life. The college chapters gave me new hope, that somehow, somewhy, somewho, KyoAni will pick it up and give us a season 3. Even though it is ending, not much point in being sad is there? I will send it off, albeit with some tears and start keeping my ears up for the hint of its imminent revival.

K-ON for life. I will never forget the show that started me off.

Why do I get so worked up over this? Let me put it like this. If Kakifly did not write K-ON! manga, there will be no K-ON! anime. No anime, then I would have never experienced all this awesomeness. This is the very thing that started everything, blogging and all. So that said, this is an anime that if I forgot, it would simply means that anime meant nothing to me. This is why I am so protective of people insulting it, cause if you do, you insulted my idea of anime. -.-*

More nostalgic pictures. (Where’s Mugi?)

Many speculate that Kakifly is probably just tired and wants a break from the series and all. Along with a lot more other guesses, I definitely cannot tell for sure, but we definitely cannot force him to write half-heartedly on a manga we love so much right? But then, there is this question. What now? What can the fans do now?

*Too overcome by emotion*

For most of us who live outside of Japan and have not yet watched the amazing-ness of the K-ON! movie, we have the Blu-Rays coming our way. So we wait for that to arrive, watch it, love it. Then wait. And wait. Now, here are the few crazy ideas of what a fan (me) would dream for. 1) The announcement for season 3 is in the Blu-Ray. 2) Kakifly is just taking a short break and will be back soon. 3) KyoAni can simply ask Kakifly for his notes on the manga and still come out with a season 3. Though the base-line I have for Kakifly is that he must end the whole thing well. I want an ending that makes me satisfied and teary.

Still there is the movie at least.

Honestly though, I have to say, we have to know when to say goodbye and that even I have to admit. So K-ON, you have brought me so much joy, I cannot thank you enough for the moe landslide that you have started. So if this really is good-bye. Then I say good-bye. But then again, that was what I said at the end of season 2 and guess what? The movie! \(^o^)/

This does not mean I am going to stop with K-ON! moe. NEVAR


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  1. It still saddens me to this point ever since I saw the announcement about the ending of K-ON!, it was a good series..

    • sleepynoyume

      To me it will always be the best cause it started me off. My first anime was already so memorable. ;_;

  2. horray! for Wakaba Girls!

  3. I love K-on and I want a season 3
    I have not read the manga but I loved the anime

  4. but what about the tankoubons they were talking about in the last page of chapter 77?

  5. i got a same feeling with you
    K-on is my first ever anime, and is still the best among all. I’m really looking forward to seeing
    season 3 comes up…. especially the anime.
    I don’t know exactly what we, fans can do right now to influence Kakifly to makes another continuing story like the other manga.. K-on got his many fans, so i believe that we could
    do something about it.

    thanks! and this is a nice-well looking-blog

  6. I really hope that k-on has a 3rd season. The manga didn’t have what you would call an “ending”. It seemed kinda abrupt to me. Especially the college one. Oh well, lets hope for a christmas miracle ^_^
    Oh and a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all K-On!! fans, haters & oblivious people alike! n_n

  7. Thanks sleepynoyume!!
    A white & merry Christmas to you too!
    (Although I’m probably gonna have to go shopping for that cotton fluff ;D)

  8. Although i’d love to do that xD My folks are probably gonna rip me open afterwards >_>
    Now I realise how lucky Yui is. No parents, delicious food whenever she wants, a sis willing to do her bidding, perfect pitch, and going abroad with friends. Wow. Wish I had that kinda life ;P

  9. I just finished K-On and must say that it is definitely my favorite anime. I have watched much anime before but this, this is just something wonderful. I’m about to purchase the manga and read it too, but I’m just wondering for anyone who knows, when will volume 5 and 6 of the manga (Azusa’s highschool arc and the other girls’ college arc) be available in America? Do I have to read those online…Anyways Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays and may K-On live forever in our hearts!

  10. ah, damn…. now I’m getting all nostalgic…
    *Turns on Tenshi ni fureta yo*
    Oh wait now I’m even more worked up….
    I guess everything’s gotta come to an end. Good luck re-watching the last few eps of S2 sleepynoyume, I’ll probably turn into a waterfall if I re-watch that part~ T_T

    As for volume 6 & 5 for the manga, I don’t know about America but over here they haven’t been released yet, but I read somewhere that Yen Press was working on it and its gonna come out some time in mid or late January probably. But its most likely gonna be released earlier in America than here 🙂
    And merry christmas to you too! Although for me its gonna be a long holiday ’cause I got my finals starting right after the break. Sigh, wish we had teachers like Sawa-chan here…. going to school would be a lot less boring…. 😀

  11. Thank you!! n_n
    with my preparation… I think i’ll need all the luck I can gather.. *cough*..
    And a happy new year to you too!^^
    What do you think about all of this doomsday stuff?? Personally, I don’t really care. But come on, can’t the world end after Christmas? I wanna see what Santa brings me 😀
    Oh & lovelovingstar, if you’re reading the manga for the first time, you’d wanna watch out for a little something called ~Mugi vision~. Especially in the Anthology comics. They’re hilarious!

  12. I am so sad that there will be no more 😦 reading ur post sent chills up my spine because it reminded me how great and how much I enjoy this anime. Nice post!

  13. The tears falling while im reading this.. man, i love k-on so much and i want a continuation of the story.. k-on changed my life..

  14. I’ve watched things like Gurren Lagann and Berserk so much that I know nearly every ounce of dialogue in them. They are by far my favorite anime ever and will always be in my top five. With that being said K-on took me on a moe-filled, tear.ridden adventure that I, as a fan, will never forget. to see a third season come out just to end everything on a good note would mean the world to me. K-on was my first Moe/Yuri show and even after watching Lucky Star, Ichigo Mashimaro, and others of that nature, it will remain a landmark in my life. I’m not a man easily moved by crying anime girls but I often found myself screaming at my computer or T.V with tears in my eyes due to the emotional trainride this show takes you on. All I can truly say to the creators now is “Thank you for what you’ve given us, and thank you for doing it right.”

  15. please tell me there is a k-on season 3. i am seriously depressed right now, i love k-on very much. i have read a lot of rumors saying there will be a third season from the end season 2 until now i am still active in researching if there is a 3rd season. i don’t want k-on to end. pls

  16. it would mean a lot to me if there will be a 3rd season.

  17. K-onsupporterforlife

    I think it ends with season 2 as the last comment was at February and there is still no news of season 3 K-on changed my life A LOT, I even wish I could be in the anime but this is life and you have to keep moving forward. Cross your fingers and pray for a continuation of the popular series.

  18. Some more K-ON would really be amazing.

  19. phriendlybear

    I love k-on too!!!! The soundtrack is so quality and the moe is so moe and its just totally lacking anything sad or aweful…the only thing I can do is find someone who loves the series and watch it with them…oh and cosplay yui at conventions >:D check my prof.pic out!

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