Why Anime?

First thing first, I know that there have been several posts about this already floating around, but it seems like something really interesting to talk about and for the fact that I already had plans to do this post in my To-Do list but I just never got the time. So anywhat, Why Anime?

A nice hot picture to get things fired up!

As in there are approximately billions of things that we people can choose to do in our free spare time, so why out of all these things do we choose Anime? Can it be that we are so hipster that we want to choose something that everyone else finds weird? I really have no idea what it is like for other people, but I will say my reason, so hope I don’t bore you and that this makes and interesting read.

The only thing that rivals cat-girls. Dog-girls. (no I will not say bitches)

So why on earth do I watch Anime? Let me pause and go out for some fresh air. *Explosions* *Door Slams* Ok, after running around screaming with my hands waving about wildly, I sort of came up with a rough image.

Yes I am serious, this is the image I came up with.

Firstly, the more obvious thing is that most anime no matter what it is about, will have that “cute factor”. In other words, every anime has a certain amount of moe. Since young I have always been captivated by cute stuff, (yes I am a guy so what?) and having a form of entertainment that contains so much cute definitely helps to grab hold of my attention. I mean most other entertainment industries nowadays go for the “cool” or “hot” looks and that does not really appeal to me. So when I did discover the huge amount of moe anime had, I jumped aboard. (leaving behind dignity and all but that’s another story)

Come on, you have to say this is cute right? Moe-hater or not.

But to capture one’s attention is one thing, to keep that person glued to it is a completely different thing. (Well, even I cannot just keep blindly staring at cute stuff) Anime gives you a sense of lack of reality as you watch it and that part of it really lets you forget about the problems you have. I mean if you watch a Korean drama or something (no offence), you just end up relaxing by watching people solve real life problems. I think that is a little worrying for your mental health.

Sure STRength looks scary over here, but have you seen her loli side?

Anime detaches itself from the real world so although it has normal people in it, it causes things that you can never see IRL. So that allows me to kick my feet back and enjoy this fantasy. The whole point for me when relaxing is to stop thinking of the real world, so since Anime offers that to me, I’ll take it anyday. And please, I will not even get started on the whole entire seiyuu thing. That would take another post which I will do another time. ^^;

So Nyan with us!

The thing is since that there is so many Anime, no matter when you start watching Anime, you still have plenty of great Anime that have already aired so you don’t have to wait for every new season to come out seeing the abundance. Sure there are a few weird Anime once in a while, but isn’t that the fun part of it all?

But when the weird things come, just lie down and accept it.

So let’s list down the pros and cons of anime. (I’m starting to enjoy fooling around with colours)


  1. Moe
  2. Nothing to do with real life
  3. Wide Variety
  4. So many pros that I am lazy to list them all down.
  5. Seiyuus!
  1. At some times it  has its weirdness
  2. Ecchi
  3. Public Disapproval
So, after all this, I think I can safely say that Anime (for now) will be my interest and why I chose it out of the bazillion other options I could have taken. Moe moe all the way~!

Are you thinking what I am thinking?


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  1. I have similar reasons for choosing Anime. Firstly, the music, anime J-pop are the kind where you won’t find in English songs (which contains all the sex, love and obscene lyrics; wonder why there weren’t complains).

    Next, you can immerse yourself inside a world unlike any other, a world where you place yourself in the shoes of the protagonist as you watch animes..

    Finally, while there might be some elements in certain animes that I dislike, I haven’t watched enough anime till the point where I find one a complete waste of time. For “bad” anime, the way I see it, it’s either the general idea is there or inappropriate plot twists that drags the story the wrong way. However, at the end of the series, the happy ending brings a smile to my face.

    Real World Problems are also part of the reason I indulge myself in anime, for most of the part actually..

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