Visual Novel Artworks (Or CGs)

We know how wonderful mangas and anime are when it comes to their artworks and the quality of how the characters look like. Now as an otaku of sorts you would know at least a little bit about visual novels and how different they are from manga and anime. More or less, it is a combination of manga and anime, excluding the “animation” part of course. Now that’s just the basic information about visual novels. What they are really about is the most interesting aspect of it.

There is a broad perspective on how visual novels run. Some are driven, while some require you to make your own decisions which could bring more harm than good. In simpler terms, get the right choice or deal with something that you will not fancy at all.

To be honest, I’d go for the driven ones so that I won’t miss anything because of what I chose to get the best bits. What are these best bits? Simple, that over 18 term would explain all of this. Lovey-dovey parts are always corny, but that makes me hooked to the story.

Yep. That’s how good they are.

What is also the best part of visual novels is the splendid CGs (or Core Graphics) that mainly attracts my attention. The pictures here in the post are examples of the CGs, which are mostly the main aspect of Visual Novels. For example, if the plot isn’t all that great for some, the CGs/Artworks cover a lot of that. One example? “Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai!”, or “Majikoi!” in short didn’t really fancy me much but the illustration of the characters both in the Visual Novel and Anime adaptation made a good deal of it, hence making the story better than if it were to only feature not so attractive characters and a so-so story. In short, the artworks/CGs boost the quality of the visual novel and that quality itself usually leads to an anime adaptation

If you would like to have a go at a visual novel, you can have a look on Katawa Shoujo for P.C. which is fully in English and is free. There is a requirement to be at least over 18 but hey, it’s just an advice not to be anywhere younger (though I’m in no position to say that) than the minimum age requirement. :9


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  1. Visual Novels require a good story backdrop to support the kawaii graphics that comes with it, otherwise they’ll not stand out from the rest.

    The main point is, if you find the synopsis of the VN interesting, chances are you’ll enjoy playing the game, most of the time 😀

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