Talking to Otakus

Again I have another post about Otakus. It’s just it’s such a great topic to talk about and there are so many things that can be discussed and shared. For today, I am going to talk about Talking with Otakus. That title makes no sense? Let me (attempt badly to) explain.

Yes… Talking. Mankind’s glorious invention that allows us to communicate.

Recently I was messaging a non-Otaku friend and she/he asked me why do Otakus always seem to go into some sort of frenzy when talking about anime. So for a few minutes… I had to think of the reply, and this was more or less what I came up with. “Since people who watch anime do not have many people to talk about anime to, when they do manage to find a listening ear, we are so eager that we somewhat go hyper” was the extremely (un)intelligent answer.

But now, after spending 2 weeks after that incident thinking about it, I did manage to come up with a better idea of why we do that. Or rather why some Otakus do that. For me I definitely admit that I do that, I can’t really explain it but whenever someone is willing to listen to me talk about anime, I get really excited that I actually have a listening ear for once and decide to make the most out of it. (could be why I have so little listening ears) I mean why do I get that burst of hyperness?

But people never like listening Otakus do they…

Then I noticed something: fans of anything in particular get excited when they talk about the things they like but they never really notice it until people point it out to them. But that person who points that out is usually outside of that “interest group”. So if your “interest group” is the biggest one, you can talk about it non-stop and majority of the people will not mind and even like it. But if not many people share your interest, no-one is going to even give you a penny for your thoughts and will find what you do irritating.

The question is then, what can we do about it? Nothing. Just keep talking about what you like at the top of your voice so that you will be able to find like-minded people. That works… some … times… I think. Actually, you know what? Just go to the internet and voice your opinions and people who care about it will read it. I mean, it is the method I am trying out. So if you are looking for people to converse Otaku-ly, come here then and join us! MOE.

Emo Moe for today. My mind feels fuzzy so….


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  1. And that is another reason why the Internet is a great invention.

    And also that’s how I came to this blog to find overflowing moe and otaku-ness 😛

  2. Plural of otaku is otaku. ._.

  3. you had me at MOE! ^_^

  4. Your blog has confounded me to the extent of my following you. This blog consisting of such accurate and concise information… It’s truly splendid. Usually people write off their experiences which means you and the majority of everyone else is the same as the me who loves to prattle on about the manga or anime she is obsessed over for that season. What is this site’s purpose?

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