Rating Anime

You know MyAnimeList? If you do (I’ll assume you do), you will definitely notice that function that allows you to rate anime. Wait, that was really such a “Duh” moment. So this post, I would like to explore how do people rate anime.

Think about it, who will win?

I mean no matter how great or sucky an anime is, if you look the statistics, there are always people who will give 0 for an anime reknowned for being fantastic and a 10 for animes that seem like crap to everybody. So this time I want to try thinking about why actually causes this. And the two main (and very general) points that I see are,

Seeing what the producers want us to see and How the person sees the anime. There are other points in the way that I myself rate anime but first I will try going to the more general ones first than go into the warped and very crazy way that I see things.

On the topic of good animes, this one is a shocker.

What does it mean to see what the producers want us to see? No matter what, the makers of anime all have an idea that they want to show through the anime, be it a message or a view that they want to show us. It is like the objective of the whole show. Like K-ON! was meant for people to know that sometimes taking it easy is a good idea, but when the situation calls for it, you have to perform it well. At least that is the way I see it. Think about it, even for a moe-blob anime, the producers still have an ideal image of how they want the viewers to see the anime. Once the viewers see this ideal image, they get a paradigm shift and end up giving high ratings, even a 10 for seemingly horrid animes.


There is what the producers want you to see, but there is also how you see the anime. If the whole concept not appeal to you, even if it is considered a MASTERPIECE, you still will not like it as you see the anime as something undesirable. So if you are one hell of stubborn and stoigid person, once you have a bad impression, the show may yield something amazing and you still find it sucky.

Random Miku-ness

So those are two of my theories, any violent objections to my point of view? Holes in my theories?

Now, I share my way of weighing anime. (I do it in metric tons) For me I base it 50% on how much I enjoyed the whole thing, 5% on the voice acting and voices and the remainding stuff on the stuff like animation plot and stuff. Other words, it is based on the enjoyment- how much I was touched, tickled or stabbed by the anime.

For the lolicon readers who have fetishes for different coloured eyes.

The rating system goes a bit like this.

10- Can a moderately good anime to a masterpiece. But the main thing is I loved this show and will rewatch it seceral times.
i.e K-ON! and stuff like Steins Gate

9- Similiar to 10, except I did not see it fit to give it the 10 crown and might not rewatch it even though it might be a great anime.
i.e Moshidora, iM@S and Railgun.

8- The edge of me actually saying I liked and savoured the anime and that I will reccomend it to people. Still considered a good anime and I might rewatch it for the kicks. (most anime fall here.)
i.e. PapaKiki, Ben-to and Black Rock shooter.

7- The living example for something that I find “Meh…” I struggle to say I like it but it still has some hope that I enjoyed it and that it still is “something watchable”
i.e. C^3, Baka Test Season 2, etc 

6- I don’t care how great you guys find this anime, I might have enjoyed it at the start or found characters likeable, but I found many other things unbearable.
i.e. Symphogear, Guilty Crown (More on that later) 

5- I somehow feel really cheated that I actually convinced myself to watch this anime. Everything I hoped for was non-existent.
i.e. Zero no Tsukaima 

4- They made an anime about this? Why??? WHY???
Have not met an anime like this yet. 

3- *Cue Maniacal Laughter and sound of head banging walls* What did I just watch???
Have not seen one.

2- I actually expected something out of this? Haha, I got no fun out of this. And that is not a nice feeling.
Mayo Chiki! (I honestly hated that.) 

1- If an anime reaches this standard to me, I can say that I will be really really emo by then or stone drunk… and that the world is ending.
Don’t wanna see an anime like this.

I am rather lenient with the animes that I watch, plus I have not really watched many animes, so this is just a general idea, maybe a few years down the road I can redo this, who knows? But for now, this will be the way I rate things.  For me most of the time good characters can help to change a show from crap to passable crap, the way I rate things might be weird, but I guess that’s how it is. ^^;

“Certain things must always be kept as secrets Yui-sanpai~”


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  1. If you were to ask me how I would rate anime, I can’t give you an answer because I haven’t really thought about it.

    But given the few animes that I’ve completed, even for trashy animes I try to pick out at least 1 good point in the show and try to focus on its perspective until the end before deciding whether it was truly good or bad.

    So far, none of the ‘trashy’ animes have failed my focus test.. But who knows, I may change my mind in the future.. 😛

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