Yes, We Need You! (We’re Recruiting)

Lately, I had been thinking about it and after asking the grand boss of the blog, Cyborg, he agreed to let me do this. We are up and recruiting for new writers! Surprise! So if you would like to join our small, dysfunctional family at Otaku Paranoma, read on.


First let me explain why we need to do all this. As you all know, even with the addition of our new coming writers like ilegendC and ______(mysyery dude), we need more people as you can see, Free, Cyborg, Selcouth and I have not been posting as much as we all have a extremely important exams end of this year, so we cannot really expect ilegendC (who has his own studies) to do everything. So in other words, JOIN THE DARK SIDE! (Join us if you don’t get/ get the reference)

Things are heating up over here… *ba dum tssshh*

Now we do not need any prior experience or the next Twilight author, the criteria that I have drawn up are

  1. You must love anime. (Plus points if you’re a seiyuu nut)
  2. You (pref-ably) write constantly.
  3. We prefer if you aren’t a hater.
  4. You must swear loyalty through an ancient blood ritual.

Knowing how to do IT stuff is a fantastically big plus point.

And that is all we need. And no, we do not expect you to stay with our tiny blog forever, you can move on to greener pastures all you want. So if you are interested, you can contact me, Sleepy email me at . Just write a post about anything in particular and save it in a microsoft word file and email it over. Any questions you can ask me at my convenient twitter account or just comment. So if you want to write about anything you like and voice your opinions, join us!

We support each other here at Otaku Paranoma in a yuri-ly fashion.

Now I know that you want something in return right? I mean you are spending time on this thing, but in return, you get to…

  1. Have fun on Skype chat doing and discussing random stuff (Ranging from StarCraft to anything random. Free and Cyborg love their StarCraft)
  2. Having a way to voice the opinions bursting inside of you.
  3. You get to join our fun family or craziness and randomness.
  4. We are nice people and we give cookies.
  5. Having access to Cyborgs doujin collection. (If he agrees)

So if this catches your eyes or you’re interested in this, you can just contact us. We have no definite number yet so don’t worry, plus there is no deadline currently so you can take your time.\

I’m staring at you with giant eyes, OBEY ME!


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