In this corner, we have iLegendC!!!!

We’ve been hinting for ages that we’ll be getting a fifth writer and finally, he’s here, adding on the prevail sausage fest of 4 males.

He’s older than us but still a teen, so one might expect silly antics. He’s iLegendC and hopefully he’s here to stay.

He will be posting about anime, manga and every single trivial matter in between, much like us and hopefully, he’ll add a new twist to the blog. Of course, it’s always nice to have a new voice here and there.

So you guys better treat him nicely and aid him in his blogging career!

This is kinda appropriate for the above message

We might be introducing a whole load of other new writers soon so stay tuned. Also, look put for our next big project (currently in some technical issues, mostly the fact some stuff are uncensored).


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  1. Thought-provoking images for an intro post.. Hmm.. ME GUSTA ;D

  2. Belated congratulations.

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