Thoughts on the “Nisekoi!” Manga

Well, this is a start, my first ever manga review! Pretty excited to be doing this, and I’m hoping that it’ll turn out well. Without further ado, let’s begin with how the story’s panning out so far!

Starting out with a sudden-girlfriend kind of fashion, I had the feeling that this manga had some exciting content. Fair enough, I was in for a good read.

Sure, the manga is pretty slow with the story, but every ending to each chapter left me craving for more, just like how people who watch anime crave for a follow-up to every episode.

It’s that good, at least, to me.

I fancy the manga so much that I subscribed to mangahere’s notification on the latest chapters. Get the idea?

You can use this for the calendar XD

Anyway, if you have not read up on this manga, I’d consider this as a recommendation to you then! Frustrations aside due to the build up to the story, this manga sure knows how to keep me reading the manga due to every cliffhangers I’m getting out of the show!

All in all, this manga is one of my favourites. No doubt about that!


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