Some news (maybe bad ones) for you..

Now I’m sure some of you know about the Euro 2012 which has just started last week. And with live matches being telecasted, there’s bound to have anime shows having breaks due to that. With regards to that, at least 3 anime are not broadcasted this week : Acchi Kocchi, Eureka Seven AO and Sankarea.

While some of you guys might be angry to hear such news, do bear in mind that it’s only a week. I myself am uncertain why the shows are on break this week, given that Sankarea and Acchi Kocchi have only a few episodes left, but I guess every company deserves a break, or maybe it’s just because of the Euros.

Anyway, there might be news on more anime having one or two week breaks but I hope the possibility of that is very low. Don’t be disheartened, Eureka Seven, Acchi Kocchi and Sankarea fans! There’s always plenty of anime to enjoy!


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