To the Roots of the Cyborg

I’ve recently mined out a huge amount of post ideas after my really prolonged dry spell and I have begun writing them. But alas, I hit a snag where finding the reference materials and pictures was really hard to do due to the sheer quantity of stuff I had to go through to find the exact one I need. However, I did hit upon the idea this post will be about (In the shower, weirdly enough. I normally get these flashes of “genius” just as I’m about to sleep). So for today, as a sort of a filler and a post just to entertain all (For I assure you, you will be entertained), this is a post about ALLLLLLLLL me fetishes.

Oh yeah, you guys and girls f******g read that right. My fetishes and their origins. Time to descend down the dark, unlit passageways of CyborgCommunist’s mind to reach that one room with the huge words “FETISHES” plastered on the door.

Red Hair and Yuri. What more can I ask for

Well, let’s start by scraping from the top, shall we? I know my most predominant and most easily yearned for “fetish” (I’ve always referred to these as “peferences” since they never really seemed like fetishes to me but just for the sake of specifics and techinicality, fetish would the word used in this post) is my extreme liking for Red Hair.

Strange thing is, although this is probably the first of said fetishes, it’s the one I’m not even sure how I started on. Growing up, I’m sure we’ve all been met with that one gender stereotype that has to do with colour. Girls have to have pink coloured items and boys will have blue items. Therefore, as I was growing up, I thought blue was my favourite colour. But of course, it wasn’t before long that one realizes what your own personal preferences are. I’ve taken to the colour red in the past 6 years (That’s right, my favourite colour is red and look, so many thing I enjoy are red too! Communism is normally depicted with red backgrounds eh). I’m loving red to the extent that the tattoos I want to get (much) further on in life would probably be in red (I’m thinking red tribal tattoos on my arms jut for kicks).

Perhaps that’s how it all started? But you can’t just like a colour and say “hey, I like women/men with that exact colour for their hair! You ought to have seen a real-life example of it before. Or more likely, you saw it in media. I’m damn sure I saw it in some form of media (probably porn right ;D) somewhere when I was younger (not that much younger though. I’d say 3 years ago?) because I reside in Asia. Natural redheads are almost non-existent here. Going down a street gives a sea of black hair. Or dyed hair.

Twintails + Red Hair!!! And the only thing I like about Haiyore!!

Now, onto the next fetish to discuss. I think twintails would be a rather apt choice. I’ve always had a fascination with hair and hairstyles. It’s such a eye-catching part of a person’s visage and frames their face so nicely. It catches your attention then draws your focus in. Hair is also really practical. Keeps your noggin nice and cool on a hot day. However, I’ve always liked long hair. But it has to be tired up! This is a really really old “fetish”. I really like ponytails so twintails are like “If one is good, two is better!”. And there’s something about the twintails look that gives the girl a particular “feel” of innocence and yet, mischief. Perfect for me. I’m odd like that.

This might be how it all started, with Sono Hanabira. Nanami has Red Hair and Twintails. This is ALSO Yuri (If it wasn’t already obvious)

Put both Red Hair and Twintails together, and you’ve got something special on your hands! The colour Red always tends to give of this vibe of “strength” in a way. It’s such a strong, striking colour and just looking at it gives a feel of excitement. But when you fuse it with Twintails, they suddenly seem to be at odds. There’s that feel of innocence and youth that twintails gives but also the strength and confidence red inspires. I love characters like these. They seem to switch between those 2 very distinct personas really often. I suppose you could say it’s something like changing between moe and awesome. Sakura Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica would be darn good example. She’s very strong and out-looking with a clear idea of her goals and intentions. However, she still has her soft side that hides beneath her outer shell of strength. To me, they make for really fascinating characters. Maybe I’m delusioned to look for such personality traits in real life? Either way, I like them both, Red Hair and Twintails.

Here’s another “fetish” that’s really easy to look for. I’ve recently really taken a shine to DFC. And if you already know what that acronym means, you’re probably grinning like a fool in front of your screen. For those who are un-informed of it’s meaning, it stands for Delicious Flat Chest. Tasteful eh. At least it’s straight to the point. So of course, this means I like girls with rather small…..chest sizes (Imagine telling your friends this. I bet you’ll be called a paedophile. Because most girls with small breasts are young right. I know I was. It was certainly a fun discussion about fetishes with my friends). This will probably the only fetish I have which I am completely unsure about the origin. Perhaps I’ve always had this preference but it has never really been to the fore before. However, I do know many of these “fetishes” of mine really came out after my descent (or ascent to be exact ;D) into anime and manga. This preference was accumulated over time as I consumed more manga and anime.

Kyouko~ Favourite anime girl and look, DFC!

I’ve always found incredibly voluptuous figures rather unnatural and odd. I know some people really like them but I sure as hell don’t. How is it physically possible to have breasts that enormously large? Of course I know their function but still, how? This is my only possible conclusion as to why I like the smaller cup sizes. I just find it more visually appealing. Happily for me, I’m Asian! Most of the girls I see don’t have gargantuan boobs and match my taste. A for Asian, so cup sizes are A too right (I’m going to get my ass torn for this joke).

Well, happily for you readers, I’m done with all my anatomical preferences. But that just means it’s just going to get weirder from here on as I go into physical things. Like apparel. However, many of these will probably have no reason but there should be the “original origins” from when I realized them.

Well, just for Moe purposes and to illustrate a point

I know one of the attires I really like is the schoolgirl uniform. Not those uniforms that one normally sees in Singapore where I live, with the pinafore and the blouse underneath. I like the two-piece outfit where the skirt and shirt and separate. And both of them have to be in different colours. Another kink I have is that I also like the sailor uniform look, with it’s distinctive colour. I also really like red checkered skirts. (Oh man, this post is too much fun to write. And it’s also causing me to sound like a huge pervert). I think I probably started this fetish from anime and manga. I suppose the school uniform give the girls that feel of innocence as well?

Still the only character in that show I like

Izayoi Sakuya. Most badass bishoujo to me

Another set of apparels I really enjoy is the French maid outfit. I think this might be obligatory is you’re into anime and manga. The Japanese have an obsession with the french and they even have a illness related to them, the Paris Syndrome, where Japanese citizens visiting Paris, expecting the centre of western civilisations as they were it is and instead, being really disappointed and generally being sour about life.

And hey, what guy doesn’t like the idea of being served. In fact, everyone does! We are all ingrained with the ability to be lazy arses if we wanted to. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest after all. So maids, especially in that French maid outfits, are something I like. I do I ow that I really got into this “fetish” due to Touhou (I’ve never played any of them, but man, I’ve read a lot of doujins) and in particular, Izayoi Sakuya, who is still one of my favourite bishoujos.

One of my favourite images of all time

We’re almost to the end, so let’s plow on through! Next up is something less of an “apparel” or clothing but more of a “style” of sorts. I really enjoy the “rebel” look. As in, that very grunge, more gothic look. Say for example, a school uniform but with a choker, some earrings, slightly torn skirt and the works. The rebel look. I really like this look simply for what it is. I believe in straying from the norm and following your own path so this rebel looks fits that perfectly. I suppose it gives the girl an outlook appearance of strength and independence. Someone I would talk to perhaps? (Yes, this is a very short paragraph)

Lily’s entire outfit was designed around the concept of the rebel

That garterbelt.

To the next one, shall we? There’s just two left and since they’re both rather small pieces of apparel, I’ll just shove them together into one paragraph. I like gartbelts (and by extension, garterstraps) because they’re very feminine and sexual (AND erotic. Kinda). No idea when I realized this but Izayoi Sakuya also wears a garterbelt. Other than that, I also like chokers. And not the BDSM kind where it’s just odd and kinky. I like the small, fashionable kind. Those small straps of cloth around the neck. These simple appeal to me for now reason. They draw attention rather nicely, that’s all.

Tempting alllllll the readers

That’s the end of this post I suppose. Now you all know what I search for when I get onto imageboards like Gelbooru and Konachan. Maybe as a future post, I’ll write about my favourite artists and art styles. For now, you’re all mentally scarred (probably not though) by the revelations in this post. This has been undeniably fun to write and I thank you all for reading.

Just gonna slip in one more pic of Sakuya :3

Meiling X Sakuya. Awwww yeah


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