EGOIST getting a debut album?

It is as the title suggests. EGOIST, the fictional band featured in Guilty Crown is actually getting a debut album with a  helping hand from  none other than Supercell, the band which shot straight to fame and eventually became a personal favorite of mine.

What does this mean? More of Supercell goodness (well, not exactly) and the 18 year old sensation which is Chelly, whose voice packs a punch. Just to make things a little more spicy, it’s expected to be released around the 29th of September, not far from now.

What’s the best part of a debut? An album of course! This means even more Supercell goodness rather than just a single! With me being an avid fan of Supercell, I just can’t wait to see what will turn out for EGOIST and hear more of Chelly’s melodious voice! Sure  it might not be Supercell but as far as we know, they know how to make pretty good songs. It’s all about lending a hand to make an album based on a fictional band, right?


If you happen to not like Guilty Crown for various reasons and therefore have not watched it, here’s some of those hits.




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