Summer Preview and Goodbye

The summer season has just started, boasting promising animes such as Sword Art Online and Tari Tari. With so many animes, I came up with this post to kill my time and save yours.

Also, this will be my last post for a long time as I have a Major exam (relatively) very soon. I’ll be back around November, but I doubt anyone will miss me. I do realize how infrequently I post and I apologize for that. When I’m back, I’ll try to be more proactive.

It sure was fun while it lasted…


Dog Days’ Season 2 – Didn’t watch the first season

Moyashimon Returns (Tales of Agriculture) – Same as Dog Days’

Hakuouki Reimeiroku – Same as Dog Days’

Yurumates 3D S2 -Same as Dog Days’

Rinne no Lagrange 2 – Same as… I think you get it

Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi – Not my type of show and looks… weird.

La Storia della Arcania Famiglia – I’ve had enough of J.C. Staff action animes

All OVAs and Specials – I’m a student, not a full time anime watcher.

Slice of Life:

Kokoro Connect:

A story about a motley club of 5 clubless high school first-years who formed the Student Cultural Club out of convenience. They apparently publish a newsletter of some sort but chat and slack off most of the time. This would be a normal high school slice of life except that the club member’s consciousness are transferred between them at random.

The directing is very well executed and the concept is promisingly interesting but  as of the first episode, the mood of the episode seem rather dull despite the decent dialoge. Nonetheless Kokoro Connect is quite entertaining. Hopefully the following episodes will be more lively

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!:

This show follows Mikadono Shougo, the heir to a massive company, who must complete school at a renowned high school and find a suitable wife at the same time then marry her after graduating in order to take over the company.

From the Opening, one can tell that this show is definitely a harem and seems like a run of the mill slapstick harem, with Shougo being as thick as fog.

Though, it’s kind of weird that his mysterious, long lost sister suddenly expresses her desire to marry him after the funeral. Also, his sister conveniently attends the same school he gets transferred to and never shows her face. And the first girl he met, Konoe, who appeared to be  delicate and kind, tries to kiss Shougo on the first day and fantasizes about him in the shower. And the classmate that stops Konoe kissing Shougo asks Shougo to kiss her after Konoe leaves…

In actual fact, this show is very strange. It’s way too fast paced and the girls are even shallower sluts than harem standards. Maybe it’s because he’s the heir to a company but it still feels… wrong. There’s a high chance I will drop this show if it doesn’t play its cards right.

Tari Tari

<a href=”″><img src=”; alt=”Tari Tari” /></a>


From P.A. Works, the producers of Angel Beats!, comes this slice of life revolving around a group of 5 friends. Konatsu Miyamoto tries to form a singing club after she was banned from singing in the choir because she screwed up during a recital. Encouraged by her best friend, Sawa Okita, and being an extreme extrovert, Konatsu asks everyone she knows to join her club, even the critical Wakana Sakai.

The 2 male main characters, a clueless foreign exchange student “Wein” and the serious Taichi Tanaka are probably going to be invited to join her club soon, but for now are just bystanders. The show is floating about rather aimlessly so I can only guess that this show’s focus is the recruitment of more members and the (mis)adventures of the main members.

The artwork is spectacularly done and the animation is very smooth, as expected of P.A. Works. The characters have decent chemistry. As such, I can already imagine the end of the series: a fantastically executed, emotional final performance before the club members go their separate ways ending in a bittersweet farewell. Members disappearing into the next life is probably not included though.

All in all, Tari Tari is one to look out for this season.

Yuru Yuri Season 2:

The second season of Yuru Yuri returns with upped animation and art quality and…. Not much else actually. This season is exactly like the first season except with better animation and clearer illustration. I really hoped for another catchy Opening and in all fairness the new one is quite catchy but it can’t compare to  The Big YuriYurarararaYuruYuri Incident.

I didn’t love the first season and since it’s basically the same, I’ll watch this season the same way I watched the first one; whenever I feel bored and in need of some moe.



Trivia: Campione is the name of an Italian town, probably the one this show is based in

A boy named Kusanagi Godo was entrusted by his grandfather to deliver a powerful tablet to a witch. Along the way, he meets a great knight, Erica Brandelli and follows her to the witch. Godo’s future self boldly comments that 48 hours after meeting Erica, he becomes the 7th king of the world. Shortly after the witch tells Godo about the tablet’s power, a major battle between two Gods starts. Godo bargains with one of the Gods to help him defeat the other and uses the tablet’s power to win.

The setting of Gods and legends and some pretty good action scenes give it an epic feel. Pacing wasn’t bad but there are some harem-like romance elements that felt excessive. A promising first episode, but could lose itself to bad storytelling.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica:

Warning! Some explicit Nudity

The show starts with a runaway Ohtorizawa Akatsuki, generic, cocky hero-guy, dodging tens of laser-arrows fired by maids that are trying to bring him back to “the castle”. After the generic action show Opening with plenty of dramatic head turning, he proceeds to incapacitate the women by sexually harassing them. He then goes through a dimensional gate and returns to Earth from the alternate world. Needless to say this show leaves quite an impression.

Apparently, Akatsuki is one of the thousands of young people that are randomly teleported to the other world because of something called “Salmon Syndrome”. He has returned after defeating the “Demon King” in the other world. This is all normal in mainstream society except that he brought back the pink haired human daughter of the Demon King named Myuu. Passing off as his sister, both of them are forced to attend “Babel”, a high school that harnesses their powers. Oh and there’s also a prophecy about a “true hero” and a “supreme king” that probably involves Akatsuki.

I have no idea if this show is trying to be serious or a sattire, but I think its one to look out for if it turns out to be the latter. Otherwise, with random nipple and panty flashes that rivals Strike Witches, this show is extremely confused and far fetched beyond any action show should be allowed to be.

Sword Art Online:

The story of a virtual reality MMORPG gone wrong. Players of the full-body augmented reality game – Sword Art Online are unable to logout of the game or even leave the virtual world without dying, unless they beat the final boss as designed by the insane creator of the game. The show revolves around this guy, a Beta tester of  Sword Art Online, who appears to be extremely proficient in the art of gaming.

The art and animation for the show really stands out but in other areas, Sword Art Online feels like a generic action show with flat characters and a very cliché concept. I’m hoping it’s just one of those shows that have a slower start because the art and animation style is very promising.


Binbougami ga!:

At the expense of the people and things around her, Sakura has absorbed the “fortune”from those around her that she has created an energy imbalance in the world and made those close to her suffer misfortune. In order to return balance to the world, the Poverty God, Momiji, sets out to take away Sakura’s ability to absorb this energy.

Seems like a decent slapstick comedy with many exaggerated chase sequences and monologues, but inside, it hints of a profound theme; “true happiness”. Quite amusing and has a surprising ability to be meaningful. I’m keen to see how this show goes.

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai:

Warning! Contain very explicit nudity and sexual references everywhere

Some parts of this show appear to be copied from Highschool DxD; an extremely perverted high school student, a redheaded slut with superpowers and nudity/fanservice at every turn. The redhead is apparently a death reaper *ahem Bleach ahem* looking for a certain person. Until she finds the person, she uses the high school boy as a power source to defeat monsters. The concept of the show is that the high school guy gets powered up when he gets horny. The hornier he gets, the more power he transfers to the redhead, helping her in battle.

Pardon my exclusion of names, but I really don’t think many people would remember them after watching the first episode. I don’t like this kind of show because it is fueled by fanservice and has cardboard cut-out characters, but like Highschool DxD, I’ll decide if it is worth following after watching a few episodes.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita:

A deceptively cheery-looking show about super-powered fairies and their  pink-haired “UN Mediator” who is referred to as “watashi” because of the first person perspective the story is told in.The show starts out innocent enough, but you feel something amiss about the perpetually smiling fairies. After they disappear and a skinned, headless chicken is spotted running around you know this show is going to be different.

When the Mediator fails to capture the chicken, the innocent, morally righteous Mediator radically abuses her UN authority to silence her helpers about the chicken to censor her failure. Near the end of the first episode, a loaf of robot bread tears himself in half and offers his body to the Mediator and her companions as food.

That’s when I was sold on this show. Although it’s style is a little unorthodox, this show isn’t that creepy. I can’t help but love how the Mediator and her companions are extremely apathetic to the cooly delivered morbid jokes. I’m also curious to see what kind of trouble the single-minded fairies will cause.


Don’t be fooled by the picture – This show isn’t about moe, it’s about talking. To call it dialoge heavy is an understatement. Joshiraku is a show about 5 girls talking and that’s it. The excuse given is that the endless dialoge is to “show off how cute the girls are”. So are the girls actually that cute? Not particularly. For once, the real stars of the show are the writers.

In the first scene after the Opening, the characters break the 4th wall and discuss the adaptation of the manga to an anime, remarking how a show about talking might be boring and that animation would be quite redundant in a scene that is excessively well animated.

If you can’t bear to sit through 20 minutes of action-less, fanservice-less banter, then I’d advise you to watch some other show. If you’re looking for something meaningful, this show spends 2 entire minutes discussing what to shout at the Ocean However, past the pointlessness and monotony, Joshiraku is a fast-paced, witty, pun-packed box of chatter that’s extremely well written. Their jokes have a dry sense of sarcasm and a level of wordplay that is rarely found anywhere except maybe Bakemonogatari. With 12 episodes planned, I can only imagine how hard the writers had to work to come up with all the jokes.

Though, as much as I like it’s style, this show is too dry to watch for too long. I really like it but it’s terribly dull at times.

Class of its own:

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate:

I guess I’ll start from the serious side. The school attended by the main characters is so big and rich that it’s student council are practically a government and the student council president is much like a real president. Behind the scenes, there is corruption and bribery going on between two of the three departments of the student council. The head of the financial department, Shinonome Satsuki, gives evidence of corruption in the other departments which results in an election being called with Shinonome as the prime candidate for president. The first episode starts with a photographer capturing evidence of bribery who gets rammed by a car when she lets her guard down.

Sounds very solemn eh? Now for the other side: Our main character, Yuuki, 5 girls and a trap are part of the Food Testing Club (if only every school had that). Most of the girls in the club are carefree, happy-go-lucky and mainly interested in having fun, fun and more fun. Basically they eat food from the trap’s family’s sweet company and give feedback or laze around with their alcoholic club advisor. The club also has elements of harem but the characters’ personalities are too flat to tell.

These two sides clash when Shinonome announces that she will disband all “useless” clubs in order to save money, obviously including the Food Testing Club, prompting Yuuki to run for president to prevent the club from closing.

This anime is bi-polar. Even the cheery Opening is contrasted by the slow and sentimental Ending. In the first episode, it feels like it’s trying to do too much in the 25 minutes so I can’t make an accurate judgement yet. The animation and art values are very high and the music is pretty good. This show has some real potential, but it has to have some very impressive pacing to pull it off.

Besides writing this post

That’s it for the preview. Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to comment!

See you again in 4 months!


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