Unfettered Violence Time

Time for another odd(ly interesting) post by yours truly! Today’s topic is rather simple really.


The 3 things an M18 action flick all have. Except we’re missing sex but that’s not for today. I’m just going to discuss some aspects of our a few anime and their relation to violence. This should be fun.

Yes, it is Naruto. And yes, I don’t watch it. But this is a cool picture.

I know myself rather well and therefore, I know I will always enjoy an action themed movie/anime/manga/book if the action in it is good enough. I know intend to preach about the importance of plot and character development but sometime, we’ve got to take those things, hog-tie them and toss them out a f*****g window. There’s nothing like a good action show to get the primal battle lust burning in me.

Short word of warning, this is a picture spam post so prepare yourselves!

World’s Weirdest beach episode with all buff men and women

Hence, recently, I found myself really enjoying Jormungand despite how silly and odd the plot is. Not saying the plot is bad of course, but it is completely unrelatable except in the loosest fashion or in terms of emotion. Other than that, everything that occurs in it, we’ve never experienced before in our nice, coddled society.

What a violent way to clean one’s ear

Jormungand have no reservation to depict violence and blood where it is due. Although they don’t show detonated torsos or exploded craniums, they show everything else in between that would allow them to air the show on the telly without getting in trouble with the law. From bullet wounds to blood trails or knives in brains, all the violent and visceral action is shown with convenient black screens when there’s scenes the kiddes shouldn’t see. Although its nowhere near Holloywood style movies with a M18 rating, it was still pretty refreshing from anime where even the most excruciatingly painful looking weapons only cause one to bleed from a shallow wound. Or to not even have a wound and yet, the floors are awash with blood.


Look ma, I’m dancing!

Emergawhd, er gurn!

Oh looky, garterbelts yo

Oh ho!

Ma Faiiiz!!

Totally worth it!!!

Headshot. Then a massacre after this if you watched Jormungand.

Credits to whoever made this.

Now then, we have Fate Zero. Not exactly gory but hell yeah, action and blood. (kind of sounds like gore already……). Although action throughout the anime was limited to just particular episodes when epic battles between the Servants would take place, they were worth it. Really well choreographed stuff although I dreaded each combat because my favourite characters might kick the bucket. I’m just gonna leave some screenshots with inappropriate captions to captivate your imagination. I think I’ve written enough about Fate Zero to prove a point. You can read This or This.

I am Alexander! OLOLLLOLOLLLOLOL!!! (You’ll get it if you watched it)

Ouch! A spear!

Ouch! It’s nought but a flesh wound!

Buddha Palm meets high-velocity Anti-Magic Bullet

Fate Zero brings “Arrow to the Knee” to a whole new level

Archer must get all the ladies like this

Interlude picture! Ruining my own post with my stupid! Because the next section seems like it’s fused as one!

One of the more interesting gory anime was Another. Until I realised its only about the gore and that the plot was just sub-par. I enjoyed it at first until everything kind of went to crap. It was a mystery, just not a great one. I will, however, applaud them for being abler to set up atmosphere and suspense real well. A little too well because it’s rather unsettling at times. And of course, gore and blood. Yay.

It goes all pear-shaped after this

She was the only character I liked. Then they messed her up in the end. And killed her. Yay

I concur. This anime wasn’t that great to watch

Well. I could choose to really lengthen this post and list some more Anime and Manga that fit the theme but I think I’m just going to summarise the last few. It surely doesn’t make for all that great material and I have something planned for those remaining that I’m going to mention. Firstly, we have Canaan. It was a really long period between when I added Canaan to my To-Watch list and when I finally watched it. And I regretted it. Because Canaan was great! I love Canann before it’s exactly what I love in my fiction. Action, a squick of drama, the slight hints toward romance and the bittersweet moments. I personally thought Canaan’s ending was one of the best I’ve seen for any fiction, from books to movies to anime and beyond. The action in Canaan is glorious and while the “violence” seems rather mild, it’s more realistic compared to other stories I’ve consumed where everyone seems to have 50 gallons of blood in them and only the bad guys get injured. But it still has its moments of blood, violence and gore. Particularly the edit which the final showdown between the Protagonist and the Antagonist (which, I have to say, was orgasmic). I think I might have taken quite a bit of the material I had for the Canaan review I planned but I’ll pull something out of my arse as always.

How Quotable is that!

I’m gonna shoot you!


Chuck Testa! I’ll just shoot myself

That train ride costs an arm. Just one.

Her sister is weird

And erotic. But weird.

Yuri Hints. Yuri everywhere!

Vomit a rainbow

I wanted. Yuri. So bad. When I was watching

Have a break! Have a catgirl!

Now, for a manga! I have a personal preference for manga over anime but that’s for a future post. For now, let’s talk about Ga-Rei. I kind of picked this manga up from random tweets I saw that piqued my curiosity. It seemed to be very interesting and relevant to my interests. To my delight, I was right and I loved the manga from the first volume. I was a bit iffy about it at first since I’m not one for Supernatural mambo jumbo but I really liked it nonetheless.

Holy Hands. Terrible pun eh

That’s some jab, lady

Take this!


I cringed.

Cringed real hard

Action-wise, Ga-Rei is pretty much tied with Eat-Man for sheer epic. Well, maybe there are some there were some other awesome action manga I read but I can’t really recall them now. Either way, Ga-Rei’s action was glorious. Gigantic ally elaborate, anime style fighting where everyone can recover from every grievous wound possible short of decapitation or drowning because of a very clichéd reason. And I love it. And the gore and violence! Bits of people being removed by bladed implements and massive, gaping holes caused by guns of massive calibre and power. Bloody awesome. Literally. Ga-Rei also has my favourite ad most memorable side character ever, Michael because he’s that hilarious. And badass.

Micheal. Iron Man style

I was laughing so hard when I read this. And I laughed again when I had to find this page for the post

This man, Is a hero. And he has an afro!

Now, that’s all folks! A rafter lengthy post about gore and violence. I know it’s an odd topic to post about but it is rarer fascinating, humans’ morbid fascination with the macabre blood, gore and senseless violence. It brings up a primal and base feeling, the urge to assert yourself through very physical and graphic means. Of course, we curb such desires in our, modern civilise world, so perhaps we let it out when we watch or read fiction that depict violence. Either way, I know I like the action genre, but only when it lives up to my rather tall expectations. All in all, a rather lengthy post that proclaims that I want to write about something series but was actually an excuse for me to to stupid crap. Hope you enjoyed.

Head-first into the fight!


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