The God(dess?) Of Misfortune

Despite having picked up more anime than I did last time, and facing a hectic schedule than ever before, I was lucky enough to get a dose of this season’s anime lineup. All of the ones I’ve picked up turned out to be better than expected! Being impressed and overjoyed over the animes that I’ve picked up, I decided to randomly pick an anime like I did last two seasons ago, which was none other than Rinne No Lagrange.

What might this anime be, you say? Well, to be honest, it was one of those anime from certain anime productions that I don’t quite fancy. When having the luxury of time to browse the net, I stumbled across Binbougami Ga, which seemed to feature Hanazawa Kana as the main character. This isn’t necessarily a good thing though. She has voiced over certain characters in which the anime the respective characters were in did not turn out so well. Nevertheless, her fame and her talent in voice acting does make a so-so kind of anime become really, really good.

The anime packs a good laugh, and tries to make serious situations turn into hilarious ones when possible. Despite that, the show does have some drama in place and that it’s kind of hard to get used to what was going on at that instant. More to Ichiko and Momoji, Hanazawa Kana and Uchiyama Yumi respectively, they are two good reasons why the anime is so good at what it does : comedy. These two are at loggerheads with each other and seeing them quarrel between each other results in me laughing my head off ( I would’ve used the other word but, nah ) .

Given the first few hilarious moments that I’ve seen in the anime, it would definitely suit one who loves a little, if not, a good laugh. Although I myself am not so sure in which kind of direction this anime may lead to, it’s definitely worth a watch, if you’re a fan of comedy, that is. If you have already picked this anime up before I even started watching it, I’ll just say that you should prepare yourself with more characters coming into the mix. You might be surprised with how some of them look! Here’s a treat for you to spice up the recommendation by a bit!


Did I mention moe loli girls?

And by comedy, of course, those facial expressions!

Yep. They do have their sad moments.


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