The Sensual Art of Prism

I know myself to be a rather picky consumer of media. I will vehemently oppose watching any movie or reading any book for rather insignificant reasons, ranging from “this is CG Disney crap” to “It’s going to suck massive moose dick because they’re trying to force romance”. Perhaps that’s why my posts don’t do so well. I tend not to write posts about more well-known anime or manga for I chose not to watch them.

Well, being very picky and selective, it’s rare for me to really fall in love with any media, to the extent I’m willing to watch/read it again. The only animated movie I will ever re-watch is the Iron Giant and nothin is going to change that. All the Disney movies were enjoyable but they ain’t got shit on the Iron Giant. Out of the hundreds of movie I’ve watched throughout my life thus far, I’m only willing re-watch perhaps 15 of them.

(I’d like to apologize for the pictures first. I have no idea what’s wrong with them but hopefully once I re-upload them it’ll be ok. It seems that the pics are of such high quality that they only keep their quality if kept at exactly the same resolution. Any smaller they become pixellated and odd. Ok, I found the problem. It’s WordPress itself literally f*****g up my pictures. So, you wonderful readers are going to have to open each image in a new tab to enjoy their full High-Def glory.Sorry for the inconvenience caused. WordPress is a dick.)

How about some excellent posterior?

But away from those! Today’s post is on another manga I’ve fallen in love with! The title is Prism by Higashimaya Shou and it joins the list of a few manga out of the numerous I’ve read, which include Girlfriends, Honey Crush and Eat-Man. Prism is the love story between two high school girls , Megumi and Hikaru, meeting again after years of being apart; ever since they met at a beach many summers past.

As usual, I didn’t expect much when I downloaded the first chapter. I like to set low expectations for everything I watch. Now there’s less chance of being crushingly disappointed and if it’s good, it’ll seem like its great. To say I loved the first chapter of Prism would be an understatement as I read it 4 times in the course of a night before spending the next week thinking about it and fervently praying for a second chapter.

Ultimate Hook

There are many little reasons for me to love Prism. For once, it tells a story of yuri after the confession and the build-up of the relationship. It’s not exactly rare but it is uncommon for yuri manga to do this. At most, they’ll do a few chapter on this aspect of the relationship. There is a rather large focus on the confessions after all.

However it’s not only the slightly deviant plot that marks out Prism for me. It’s the general style and feel of the manga. Octave also follows the story of a couple after their get-together but the feel of Octave is one of anxiety and angst. On the other hand, Prism has a slow-paced, calm feel to it, as if the girls are slowly enjoying every day of life. It’s rather refreshing from other manga where the period after confession is full of turmoil. I can’t say neither of these plot is realistic for heck, what do I know about lesbians? I can’t say I know any personally (maybe I do but in that case, I still won’t know) so how can I relate. To me, it’s just new and a different take on Yuri and Girl’s Love.

The art of Prism has a particular sensual and “light” feel to it. Gentle curves, full lips, lithe figures and the appearance of soft, supple skin are all depicted in Prism. It’s as if every small touch and action by one can arouse great reaction in the the other (Megu and Hikaru are vomit-inducingly cute at these points). The times of skin contact and beyond seem more intimate and emotive (and erotic) than usual.

That Kiss! Them kips! That face! That everything!

Facial expressions also play a great part in my enjoyment of a manga. I tend to dislike movies with actors ad actresses that can’t seem to portray emotion. In some movies, if the character is supposed to be stony with a heart of granite, it’s fine but in some, say Spiderman, Peter Parker seemed rather emotionless and unmoved at his uncle’s death. Perhaps it’s a small oversight but throughout the movie, he keeps the same, immovable facial expression and it does irk me.

On the other hand, Prism has rather rich facial expression. Compared to some other manga, we’re most characters have a set of facial expressions they keep to, Prism’s characters have numerous and it tells the character’s emotions, past the dialogue and plot. It makes for a much more in-depth reading.

*vomits rainbow*

Facial expressions have saved quite a few manga for me, where the plot seems terrible and interactions mediocre but the expressions and physical movements tell the tale words can’t, allowing me to still enjoy them.

Of course, being me, I still preach character’s personalities the most. I’d like to think most people take this in account to a large extent too but correct me if I’m wrong. While I can’t say Prism’s characters are the best I’ve ever read off due to its short length this far and the fact I haven’t read all that many books or manga, I can say its pretty damn good from those I can base it off. Megumi and Hikaru have very dynamic personalities, and they switch roles often in their relationship. I don’t mind a distinct sub and dom but its nice to see the roles being switched up. Both girls have their worries, their joys and etc and it’s great that they do. These small little snippets don’t really play a huge role in the grand scheme of things, especially in a story dependent on plot but for one dependent on character’s, they’re little kernels of joy to take in.

How direct

Prism is different from some Yuri manga where characters look very static and interact forcibly. They’re still fun to read but some of the essence of Yuri, that sensual and passionate feel is somewhat lost. Of course, those types of works tend to be easier to digest for it is a lot simpler with little nuances and subtleties in the character interaction. It can be a good thing to have at times, depending on the audience.

And thus concludes this post. I really wanted to write on my new manga infatuation and I’ve been completely enthral led by Prism. The art, the characters, the feel and the Yuri. Everything about Prism seems to fit my tastes so well so it’s hard for me to not love it.

P.S: I’m just gonna dump Yuri Scenes and little snippets of Prism now.

So…much….sensuality. And erotic ^.^

LOL. And that art

Once again, them lips

Aggressive :3

Prism knows how to do these things in style

And with that, ends this post. I hoped you enjoyed the pictures! I really recommend Prism!


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