Harem anime is not so bad you know…

Not the type of harem I was referring to but… Oh well.

Just when I thought a harem anime couldn’t get any better than just about every other anime, I might have to think otherwise. Despite knowing the fact that a harem anime is definitely not going to end, what still counts is how good is the course of the anime over its full season.

Little bit of fanciful images to spice it up!

Why would I think that? Probably because most of the romance anime this Summer Season are harem based but have been interesting so far. NakaImo and Campione have had quite a start, not to mention KoiChoco with several comedic moments and of course, all forms of seriousness when it beckons.

Over the years several harem based anime like Shuffle and Mashiro Iro Symphony have ended with a definitive choice of a guy’s pick on who is his favorite girl. This might sound a little corny but personally, I was quite impressed with the producers of these harem anime opting for a different conclusion to the anime. This, by itself, does not reflect on how harem based anime usually means a…Well.. Harem ending is in place. It is rather referred on the course of the anime that makes it known as harem. Sure, the chances of having a harem anime ending off with a different approach is rather low, but there is still a couple of them that did end differently and quite well at that.

However there are always several downsides to harem anime. First, you’ll hardly get a definitive ending like Rosario Vampire and To Love-Ru. Quite a disappointing ending but some would agree that the two animes were pretty good even though the ending was kinda…Meh.. Infinite Stratos, though considered having a harem ending, made it certain who is the likely choice, in my opinion. The OVA even supported that but it was destined not to end in such a way, unfortunately.

Most of all, if you have never watched a harem anime, do have a go at certain animes like “Shuffle !”and “Mashiro Iro Symphony : Love Is Pure White” for a start that is, if you are alright with some tearjerking moments.


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