The beginning (finally!)

Well, I’ve finally got about to doing it. I’ve been telling myself to start a Youtube channel and upload videos relevant to my ambitions in life but being me, I put it off for the longest damn time.


Today I felt really unfulfilled about life so I got off my arse, stopped browsing Gelbooru for pictures with the tag “Yuri red_hair” and got to recording. It took a grand total of…8 minutes.

This is just a short introduction for my channel. As described in the category this post will be published under, I will speak about anything in my videos but I will try and ensure at least 40% of it is related to Anime and Manga (They’ll be so f******g awkward to record if my parents are home).  I know for one this ain’t the best time to start this idea with the “O” levels and all this year but hey, it takes less time than actually typing out a post. At least when I talk, it’s faster and I don’t have to sound too coherent (You guys are in for lots of crap with this).

To give a slight teaser, I will be starting a few series and other stuff with each of them consisting of me talking about different things. I might even do gameplay commentary of any damn videogame (hopefully my laptop will be kind to me and record in somewhat decent resolution). Other than that, the videos will be nothing different from the posts you find readers already get, albeit in audio form (I will eventually get to actual video of me but that’s for later).

For now, enjoy this impromptu Introduction. There is no doubt I’m going to record an extension to this video for it’s just really scanty but I think it encompasses what the channel will be about.


About Manfred Tham

Manfred can typically be found hiding from people behind his computer screen or a tall pint. However you can easily contact him in any given video game where he will either insult you or be really nice to you. In addition his nerdiness transcends the digital plane when he partakes in the arcane rituals of rolling dice in both table-top and board games. Disregarding the countless hours he has logged into games, Manfred loves nothing more than cooking food to satisfy his craving for Northern European cuisine or to sip away from the many bottles of whiskies he fondly defaults to. Manfred is also what is commonly known as a “metalhead” with a penchant for both symphonic and power metal. Manfred summarises his life philosophy with a quote by Samuel L.Jackson, but it has been redacted for being far too vulgar.

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  1. Eargasm… >_< from your sexy voice and accent

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