Meet Halyren!!!!!!

Halyren wanted me to put this. He’ll like to declare that Shana is his waifu and that we can’t touch her.

Say hello to our 7th writer. That’s right, 7th! Even with 7 writers, we’re all too lazy to post often!

Either way, Halyren was recruited from the depths of Twitter and he’s nice chap (Yep, another guy, another one to add to this sausage fest. Dorry-Kun must feel rather scared). He was probably the easiest to recruit because I remembered he wanted to join for once and added him almost immediately instead of forgetting for almost a week like the other writers.

For now, enjoy his posts! I’m not too sure of his writing style but I’m trust he’ll do a good job. He’s a very avid otaku so this should even out the fact that LessThanFree and I aren’t so hardcore. Be kind to him, no killing. Enjoy!


About Manfred Tham

Manfred can typically be found hiding from people behind his computer screen or a tall pint. However you can easily contact him in any given video game where he will either insult you or be really nice to you. In addition his nerdiness transcends the digital plane when he partakes in the arcane rituals of rolling dice in both table-top and board games. Disregarding the countless hours he has logged into games, Manfred loves nothing more than cooking food to satisfy his craving for Northern European cuisine or to sip away from the many bottles of whiskies he fondly defaults to. Manfred is also what is commonly known as a “metalhead” with a penchant for both symphonic and power metal. Manfred summarises his life philosophy with a quote by Samuel L.Jackson, but it has been redacted for being far too vulgar.

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