Hi~ I’m a new writer here. So…. Hi~

Anyway, I went to STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention) on the 1st and 2nd September held at Marina Bay Expo Halls. Originally I went only for Itou Noizi Sensei (Shana’s Artist) but I was greeted by many surprises! I went online to buy tickets Immediately after she was announced.

STGCC may not be purely about Otaku stuff, but it’s where East meets West, perfect for fans of both! But I’m more of an Eastern fan.Image

So yeah. This is the queue at 10.13am. Just 13 minutes after the opening of the gates. As I entered the gates. I was greeted by BATMAN’s booth… What’s great about STGCC is the free drinks. They were giving it out like they were free! The first booth i visited was Dragon Nest’s booth. They had free lucky spins! and I won a Duck! Image

This duck brought me awesome luck for the event. So anyway. I walked around the booths and got this t-shirt for 10 bucks! YAY! But Kyouko isn’t in for some reason…


Various booths with both Eastern and Western goodies were all over the place. The biggest booth there was the Avengers and the Batman booth! Speaking of booths, Zaneeds is back! I first met them at AFA 10 and they were my first look into Hatsune Miku’s world. One tip for conventions like these, walk around ALL the booths first. I saw one shop selling Miku nendos for 60 while another one was selling them for 55. That’s 5 dollars saved! After walking around for like 2 hours, Itou Sensei was going to be on stage! I rushed the get a front row seat. And she even did live sketch on stage! Such grace at drawing. She used normal pencils not those fancy ones


So, after drawing there was a Q&A section. And 5 lucky fans get a special autograph! at the 4th autograph, i picked up my duck and waved it in the air like a mad man and jumped up and down. And hey! hat caught her attention. So I got this awesome signature from her! Lessen learnt, bring something noticeable to conventions. After leaving though, I had stares filled with Killing Intent focused on me.


And after that I went for an autograph session. And got this!


So yeah. After that I continued walking around and took photos of various cosplayers.

So yes. I went without lunch on the first day because let’s face it. Lining up for an autograph is WAY more important. Also because one plate of duck rice costs like 6 dollars.. Next post will be on Day 2’s updates!


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  1. Why the flying f**k is Kyouko not on that shirt. Blasphemy!!!!!!

  2. O.O double autographs.. *mouth watering*

  3. Y U NO HAVE KYOKO, SHIRT???? =w= Oh well, at least you got two autographs, *drool OwO

  4. I am aware that there is no picture for Kyouko as the card sleeve by the same illustrator did not draw Kyouko. However, it is still unforgivable, time to hunt.

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