STGCC Day 2 and my new found love.


YO~ I’m back. This is Day 2’s update

So, On day 2 I went earlier because Itou Noizi’s signature session was earlier.

As I got a 2-day ticket, no queues! Just walked into the hall like a boss! As usual I walked around the booths again and I saw even more great deals! Unfortunately, I had no cash… There were Angel Beats, Railgun, Madoka, Evangelion and many more t-shirts for 10 dollars!

After my walk, it was time to queue up for another signature! Although I waited 45 minutes earlier, I was at the wrong queue. So there was already a monstrous queue in front of me… As I walked into the queue, I met a writer from We had a small chat and hey, I have a new site to visit now! But what had greeted me shocked me.


I began to panic and I was like ‘No… This cannot happen to me. I should have brought my good luck duck…’ Then one of the workers came and said ‘Okay! Only 15 more people left.’ I was on cloud nine as I could get my third autograph! Luckily, Ani-culture’s blogger could get in too! and I got this signed! By the way, Itou Sensei seemed happy that I brought this because the others were all signing books, Weiss Schwarz cards, art books, etc. By now you should know I’m a HUGE Shana fan.


After the autograph session, I decided to go to the stage and see what’s happening there. As it turns out Kousaka Yun and  Touya Hibiki were having a photography session! I already knew that Kousaka Yun was cute in her online photos and I thought, maybe its Photoshop. But DAMN! I can swear, she’s like the cutest girl I’ve seen! So as a fanboy, I joined the queue. Again, the queue was cut in front of me. As my good luck would have it, I was one of the last few again. And I got a Really cute Picture with her! X3


Sorry for the bad picture.. The cameraman was shaky… And such cuteness beside me! I was love struck after that… Being love struck, I walked endlessly till Piko came on stage! He started with Heaven’s Weakness. Originally sung buy Gumi. This song made me jump up and down! Then of course he sang songs like Sakurane and Make My Day. And here’s a shaky picture… Sorry I was too far back.


The concert was AWESOME and Piko’s voice was fantastic! He even did a Duet with himself! Such brilliance…

After all that, I still had 12 bucks with me so I went ahead and got these!


CHARLOTTE AND LAURA! X3 Mio and Yui are for friends.. 😛

So that about wrapped up STGCC 2012 for me. My next post will be all the cosplayers photographs that I took! 😀


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