Spring,Summer and Fall 2012 at a glance

As the summer season anime of 2012 draws to a close, we’re bound to miss those heartwarming and gut-wrenching moments of those animes that we’ve watched over the season. Lacklustre or not, I’d still enjoy whichever ones that I’ve picked up and watched through every episode except for School Days, of course. Worse that I’ve seen and I’m glad there were only a few of its kind! Not to offend those who love it though! Just a little disclaimer : Read at your own risk!

Getting back to the main point, I realized more clearly now that most of what I’ve enjoyed during the summer season haven’t really been those which I have not really waited to see. “Rinne No Lagrange” was interesting as its prequel but anything other than that had much  to offer than what I had expected. Not sure whether I could consider Hyouka as a Summer Season anime but it turned out alright for what looked to be little in it. I had “KoiChoco” in my sights way before it was planned to air and blimey, I loved it! I also had “Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica” on the list but it didn’t really spark anything within me as it looked to have only aimed at oppai, nudity and a whole lot of those, to be honest. “Kono Naka Hitori, Imouto Ga Iru!” and “Campione!” had some goodies worth looking into but the clear harem ending doesn’t make it a standout anime. Nevertheless for the most part of the show it kept me entertained and that’s mostly what matters! “Oda Nobuna No Yabou” was a pretty simple story but it just seemed so extravagant to me from start to finish. The anime just shows how much excitement that you can get from it without having complex storylines which may end up confusing you for most parts of the show instead.

Moving forward to what we have in store this Fall 2012 season, I’ve already found a personal favorite character of mine next in “Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai’s” Rikka. She’s too cute for me to handle for some reason! I did try to watch some other ones like K but I never really got had any interest in it rather, the abundance of male characters showing off their capabilities and the awkward English that they used left me shaking my head too many times before I even managed to finish the whole of the first episode.  It just didn’t look that appealing to me.

This might be a little weird coming from me but I actually enjoyed watching “Tonari No Kaibatsu-kun” and “Sukitte Ii Na Yo”. It had been a long, long time since I’ve picked up a shoujo anime since 2011, with the likes of “Kimi Ni Todoke” and “Kaichou Wa Maid Sama” being one of my favorites during that period. I did try “Hiiro No Kakera” but sadly or not, I didn’t develop any interest in it and apparently did not have the motivation to continue it. With the shoujo animes that are aired this season, I’d have to say that my love for these animes have rekindled and I would be glad to have a look at more of the same kind in the near future.

As for Sword Art Online, which is still ongoing at the moment, is definitely one of the few surprises that I’ve come to see. It wasn’t really a popular title before the airing of the anime, but it has definitely become kind of a “household anime” among otakus, with both positive and negative views about it from different otakus, young and old. The concept of MMORPG in the anime though, makes people say that the recently aired “Btooom! (which is adapted from the manga)” is a rip-off from SAO. While I can agree with some people of that, I don’t like the fact that people are actually saying so. It has most of parts that you can relate to in Mirai Nikki and SAO but the course of it is different and I just don’t think that “Btooom!” has any intentions of copying the whole of either anime, really. I enjoyed Mirai Nikki and Sword Art Online for what it is, how it is portayed and how they moved me as part of the audience individually and I’m definitely looking for how the anime adaptation for “Btooom!” pans out.

So that wraps up most of what I didn’t manage to cover for the Summer Anime earlier and be sure to stick around for the Fall Season as we review on the course of the Fall Season. Cheers!


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