Goodbye and Shameless Advertising


Unfortunately, I am not back to start posting regularly. I’m only here to say that I’ve jumped the proverbial ship and started writing on another Aniblog. InterestSOAP/Otaku Panorama was a really fun and a great experience, but the new arrangement is personally more comfortable. So this is a goodbye to this blog which has really grown so, so much and holds a lot of precious memories for me.


I finally get to use this picture. Minami – Best Girl

Also, if you’re wondering where SleepynoYume has gone, he’s the one that pulled me along to embark on a new project. I feel quite awkward saying this here, however I feel that those who have been wondering where the two of us disappeared to deserve to know.

On the off chance that there are some of you out there that wish to follow us, visit us at VocalMimi. Just to get this off my chest, I feel incredibly shameless and guilty for putting this here because it feels like I’m leeching views.

That’s all from me for the foreseeable future on OP. Thank you for your support for InterestSOAP/Otaku Panorama and I hope you will continue to support it!


About LessThanFree

Average, lazy guy who loves to game and appreciates anime and movies. Studies on the side.

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