Old and New, Welcome and Goodbye.


Well well well, it’s been ages since I wrote. In fact, there was a very very long time period where no one wrote here.

And thus, this post addresses that issue. I have said before in many previous posts about the situation of the blog. Back then, the majority of the writers were caught up in our very major and important examinations. However, it’s been a month since they passed and still, there has hardly been any new content. Perhaps we all got lazy or we just can’t write anymore. I can’t say for the other writers but I know for myself, I have moved on to Youtube and hoped to leave filling the blog with content to the other writers whilst I would link my videos here but alas, that didn’t work.

Therefore, I took a majority vote to ascertain the future of the blog and have to a decision! (Then again, I am the main owner so I can do as I please bt I asked nonetheless). My writers are all uncertain as to what they wish to do. They no longer wish to write often, although they still have a small burning flame in them, a passion to write, just not often. Halyren, Selcouth, iLegendC and Dorry kun write in their own time, sometimes a short stint of multiple posts followed by an extended period of absence. I can’t fault them because I do that too.

As for LessThanFree and Sleepy, as you have no doubt read in their post, they have started their own blog and no longer wish to write here.

I myself, as said above, have moved on to Youtube and no longer write although I still do content.

Thus, all this lead to a conclusion I have settled on. From today onward, the blog is now revamped. All the writers have been “fired” from their posts as permanent writing staff and are now “guest” writers. Nothing changes for them though, they will still write as they please. They’re still writers on the blog. Just that it seems that they’ve been demoted.

The blog, from now on, will be filled with me. Particularly, my videos. Everything this time. All my videos. Everything I post onto Youtube will also be posted here. I now have 3 video series going and whilst the majority of the videos are my main series of Two Cents of Cyborg, I spend just as much time on my other series, Enthusiast Cyborg, where the video’s content is the same as the blog’s, regarding anime, manga and everything related, from figures to music.

So what does this mean? Well, not much really. It’s still the same content, except now in video form with my face and a bit more added in terms of non-anime/manga related content.

IMG 4842

So you’ll see stuff like this!

To all our readers,I apologize. I know you come to my blog to read on anime/manga related stuff but as said above, it’s still the same, just now with more other content. However, your favourite writer, be they be Dorry kun, Selcouth, iLegendC or Halyren, will still write here so you can still read their content.

So here’s to the new revamped blog, now just named CyborgCommunist, where I shall post all my video content and maybe the occasional post if I have the fancy to. I know many readers might not want any of it but that’s the new change. Perhaps some of you will enjoy my other content besides my anime and manga stuff. Perhaps not. But for now, this is it! The new blog, now a personal blog with a motley crew of other writers! Enjoy!


Communist seal of approval!


About Manfred Tham

Manfred can typically be found hiding from people behind his computer screen or a tall pint. However you can easily contact him in any given video game where he will either insult you or be really nice to you. In addition his nerdiness transcends the digital plane when he partakes in the arcane rituals of rolling dice in both table-top and board games. Disregarding the countless hours he has logged into games, Manfred loves nothing more than cooking food to satisfy his craving for Northern European cuisine or to sip away from the many bottles of whiskies he fondly defaults to. Manfred is also what is commonly known as a “metalhead” with a penchant for both symphonic and power metal. Manfred summarises his life philosophy with a quote by Samuel L.Jackson, but it has been redacted for being far too vulgar.

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