Monthly Archives: August 2013

Two Cents of Cyborg – Ep16: A Fantastic Brofist

I present to you, the start of a new mini series, The Fantastic World which is about (I bet you can guess).

There will be loads more videos coming soon, with more editing as I finally have more time. I’ve rediscovered the fun of editing videos so I’ll be less lazy to do them now!

This video’s quality might be off due to Sony f******g Vegas f**king up and leaving me unable to render in my usual quality, I apologise for it and I’m hoping I can solve the issue soon because it’s pissing me off.


Cyborg Plays – Dead Space 3: Episodes of Fail

2 Idiots and EA all fail at once with a very eventful Dead Space 3 recording.

New videos will be pumped out soon enough. Got TOOOONS of gameplay saved up and it’s all gonna be released.

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