This blog was created as an area where I can write about my various, completely hobbies and interests. The name of the blog has changed since then and we have become a team of 4 but the main idea is still present.

Giving a quick intro of the blog, it’ll mostly be on the Japanese animation culture (Anime and Manga) with the occasional smattering of other subjects mixed in. The 4 of us writers are all the same age on the small island of Singapore, squished between our much larger neighbours. SleepyのYume, LessThanFree and I are classmates (although I won’t tell you the school) while Selcouth is our newest writers and hails from a different Alma Mater. And just a snippet of info for the curious, we’re all the same age (which is to say, 16). As a slight teaser, you might be able to look forward to a fifth writer soon but I will disclose no more than that.

The blog has now been divided into 4 distinct sections for the 4 distinct writers that use this as the springboard for our opinions to reach the masses. Each section is different from the others and accentuates the writer’s unique aspects. However, we all operate under the umbrella of the blog’s main concept.

I do hope you enjoy your time here.

If you wish to contact us, you can at interestsoap@gmail.com but please, give me time to respond. I don’t check up on that account rather often. If it’s an urgent matter, most of the writers are contactable on Twitter.


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